The Governor General and her troops

A photo gallery of Michaelle Jean’s whirlwind tour of Afghanistan


Clad in a soldier’s uniform to symbolize her role as Canada’s honourary commander-in-chief, Governor General Michaëlle Jean wrapped up a secret two-day trip to Afghanistan on Wednesday. Among Jean’s stops were the cenotaph at Kandahar Airfield, which bears the names of 129 Canadian soldiers killed as part of the Afghan mission, a girls’ school not far from the Canadian base, the headquarters of the provincial reconstruction team in Kandahar, and a local hospital. Jean said she hoped her trip would show Canadians the mission in Afghanistan is far from a lost cause. “It’s very important that Canadians realize that, yes, our soldiers are taking many risks,” she said, “but are also doing something that is absolutely exceptional.”


The Governor General and her troops

  1. There is nothing honourary about her role as Commander-in-Chief. The Governor-General IS the Commander-in-Chief. She is honourary Colonel of the three household regiments (GG's Foot, GG's Horse and Canadian Grenadier Guards).

    • And Jean looks a lot more credible in her roll than a certain Texan flyboy, not least because in her apolitical position, a visit to the troops actually has meaning. It's the Commander in Chief visiting her troops because they're her troops, not a cynical photo op designed to drum up right wing votes.

      • Wow, and you're ascribing cynicism to a certain American politician? By the way, an American president, ANY American president, is, constitutionally, much more of a commander-in-chief than, with all due respect, an honorary governor-general. Perhaps your own passions are inordinately coloring your preceptions.

  2. Nice gesture from hers to wear the uniform.

  3. GG Jean is a credit to the Office.

    I for one am proud of her.

  4. Blah, she's a mealy-mouthed do-nothing, always trying to seem so pious…I can't even understand her, she puts me asleep if I listen to her blather. Canada is a disgrace now anyway, pedo-priests, crooked politicians, same-sex abominations, to say nothing of the greedy rich always complaining that the poor don't give them enough money…screw Canada.

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