The Harper government is ‘certainly not the class clown’

Six in 10 give the Tories a ‘C’ or better on its handling of the economy


According to a new Ipsos Reid poll, 59 per cent of Canadians gave the Harper government at least a ‘C’ on its handling of the economy. Eleven per cent gave them an ‘F’ (that number soared to 16 per cent in Quebec, where only 40 per cent gave out a grade of ‘C’ or better). While the numbers were consistent between the genders and across different income groups, older Canadians were more likely than younger Canadians to dish out higher grades. According to John Wright, a senior vice-president at Ipsos Reid, the Tories are “like a student who’s grinding it out. They’re not the superstar. They’re certainly not the class clown or the failure.”


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