The hidden Liberal agenda?

Liberals to keep major policy proposals secret until election is called


Liberals will convene in Vancouver later this spring to officially ratify Michael Ignatieff’s leadership, but they will make few other decisions. Scarred by the Stephane Dion experience—whose Green Shift was announced early and torn to shreds by the time the election started—the Liberals plan to keep most of  their major policy proposals to themselves until an election is called. “What your policies are going to be in an election are announced just before you go into it. You don’t want to provide an opportunity for target practice in the meantime,” explains Liberal Senator David Smith. Adds David McGuinty: “We are not going to go and give all of our ideas to this federal government. It is responsible for governing, it is responsible for delivering, and we will hold them to account, that’s how this system works. The problem up here is that people have forgotten that.”

The Hill Times

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The hidden Liberal agenda?

  1. So the liberals have ideas they won’t share. What if these are nation saving ideas. Oh! the liberals will say, not to worry, these are not life or death ideas we’re withholding. Then who cares.

    • Not you, obviously – who cares?

  2. “the Liberals plan to keep most of their major policy proposals to themselves until an election is called.”

    Good luck with that. What with anonymous party insiders and all.

  3. Well – thank you Senator Smith for volunteering that to grassroots Liberals.
    Although, in MY wisdom – it smells more like another cover for Liberal Brahmins keeping control of the Party’s agenda to themselves – you know – like when you and Alf Apps – who looks like the Brahmins’ stalking horse for Party president – went and parachuted Michael Ignatieff onto the party!

  4. Actually, we already know the Visiting Professor’s agriculture plank: he fondly remembers the smell of his uncle’s barn.

    By the time the election comes, we can probably have figured out the rest of the platform from similar thoughtful statements.

  5. Well the only time the Liberals had any real plan for anything was the nutty professor’s green shift fiasco. Having seen how well that worked out I’m sure they will go back to the tried and true method of having no policies at all, or at least none they would every really do anything about(see Cretian’s environmental plans, talk it to death, do nothing). Seems their main plan is to be in power so…..they can be in power I guess. Can’t blame them, I suppose, much more fun jetsetting around the planet on ministerial planes instead of wandering the halls of parliment in Febuary looking for something to do. Cheers.

  6. Yet another reason why Harper has a de facto majority.

    A little difficult to “compromise” with the other side’s position, when they’re not telling you what their position is.

  7. Unlike the Conservatives, who keep their platform secret until the last week of the election.

    • bam!

    • Well, once again you have just proved the point that there is virtually no difference between the two parties anymore. At this rate I guess we will have to wait until after the polls close to find out what they stand for, if then!

  8. Personally, I’m pretty sure they plan to ban abortion, institute capital punishment, and move the capital of Canada to Calgary.

    (That’s what all Canadian hidden political agenda’s are about, right?)

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