The inevitability of legalized gay marriages

Why the Iowa ruling is a sign of things to come


A rally to support Iowa Supreme Court's decision to legalized same-sex marriage

A headline in Saturday’s New York Times—41 years to the day Martin Luther King was murdered—stated that “Iowa Court Clears Way for Same Sex Marriage.” If a state supreme court in middle America can find that a law defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman is unconstitutional, America had better start bracing itself for the inevitable: Similar laws will eventually be struck down elsewhere. True, only Massachusetts and Connecticut currently allow gay marriages. And yes, with Proposition 8, California banned same-sex marriages just recently. But I predict the Iowa ruling is a sign of things to come.

In 2000, I decided to become involved in a presidential primary in New Hampshire to get some real life, hands-on experience in US politics. Not inclined to conservative politics, I looked to the Democratic field, which included then-vice president Al Gore. Gore was pitted against a serious challenger in the person of the former New Jersey senator Bill Bradley. I chose Bradley’s side because I felt an insurgent’s campaign was more freewheeling and attracted people bent on defending a cause more noble than continuing to wield power. Bradley’s campaign did not disappoint and, within a day or so, I was writing letters alongside his campaign’s gay rights committee to argue that gay rights was the civil rights issue of our day. Of course, this was taking place over 25 years after Harvey Milk’s assassination at the hands of a homophobic colleague in San Francisco. What it showed was that we had not gone as far as we thought in promoting equal rights and fighting discrimination. Bill Bradley had defined the issue in a novel and noble way and the gay community welcomed a straight guy such as myself in their effort to promote a just cause. I must admit this was an illuminating and uplifting  experience. After all, my hero was more Dr. King than Harvey Milk.

Since that campaign, the issue has remained a part of America’s culture wars. Referenda set up by the Rove-driven Republican machine in 2004 brought scores of evangelical voters out to vote for propositions defining marriage as a heterosexual institution. When Bush was re-elected, many concluded Rove’s manoeuvre went a long way to ensuring the Republican victory. Last November’s Proposition 8 was another major setback for the cause. It left many in California shocked that a state that voted overwhelmingly Democratic and for Barack Obama could quash a right that had been won in the courts of that state. But Iowa brings hope.

No one expects religious groups to embark on a crusade in favour of gay marriage, although some religious leaders have. The goal here is same-sex civil marriages, just like we have in Canada. It is a recognition of social and economic realities that people who love each other and decide to share their lives together should enjoy the same rights in all aspects of human life, whether they be heterosexual or gay. It is the right and moral thing to do. And it is only a question of time before America follows the same path as its northern neighbor. Iowa has simply paved the way for the inevitable.


The inevitability of legalized gay marriages

  1. Speaking as a 100% CPC supporter I am completely in support of gay marriage : Why should us straight guys with ex-wives from the wicked west in the land of OZ be the only miserable ones.

  2. is this satirical? I swear that I have never seen someone accused of “Anglo colonialism” and a “militant homosexualist agenda”. Wonderful stuff.

    As for our new Canadians and perhaps new Americans as well, it is true that many do not accept gay marriage, but since many of them come from countries where the concept of any human rights is pretty shaky, this is not surprising.

    • He’s one angry dude. Maybe he’s a closeted self denier. Another Haggard? Quit hating yourself LibFail and embrace the real you.

    • Not satirical. Just a sturdy prod with a sharp stick. And it’s truly entertaining how often it works.

      • He’s turned what started as a satirical/surrealist game into a life work, it seems.

        • He lives it, dude. For him art, life — there are no barriers there.

        • Personally, I like his style. He doesn’t rant, he riffs.

  3. As in many aspects of social progress in the 20th century, the U.S. has long been behind the rest of the developed world. It’s not so much as the country being engaged in a titanic struggle at the forefront of rights so much as playing catchup to everybody else.

    • If it’s true that the US is so far behind everyone else, why is the USA the greatest, most prosperous nation in the world? We may be behind the rest of the world but I think we’re behind in the race to self-corruption and amorality.

      • US prosperity is due to steel reserves and has little to do with human rights (a modified free market is also necessary, but since it’s a common factor of western countries it isn’t what counts here).

        • As Alexis de Tocqueville once said, “America is great because America is good; when America ceases to be good it will cease to be great.” He was referring to America’s morality and that’s what I am referring to, as well. The farther America gets away from traditional morality, the worse things will be for her.

          • He, and you, were incorrect.

          • Both you and MikeT are wrong because Tocqueville never said that. A lot of American presidents said that Tocqueville never that, but he never said it.

          • Man, too bad we abolished slavery, then, isn’t it? Wow – did we jump off the track letting go of that :tradition”.

        • US prosperity is due to steel reserves? You must be some kind of genius. And Canadian prosperity is due to abundant supplies of nickel and zinc. And the Dutch owe their prosperity to tulip reserves.

          • Not tulips, but rather that set of embankments “of earth and rock built to prevent floods or to hold irrigation water in for agricultural purposes.”

          • Of course I was being sarcastic, but I will cheerfully agree with you that the Dutch owe a lot to their dikes.

          • Who’s joking? We were just discussing the contribution of levees to the national prosperity of a country with low-elevation coastal zones.

  4. I just wanted to make something clear. People keep saying that Massachussetts “excepts” gay marriage. Regardless of your stand on this issue, this statement is not truly accurate.

    The Massachussetts supreme court excepted gay marriage; that is not the same as suggesting that the population of Massachussetts excepts it.

    The California supreme court did the same thing as the Massachussetts supreme court did and look what happened there!

    So I would suggest you describe things correctly, the court allowing something is not the same as the people allowing it.

    • Some might take acception to your interpretations.

      • Well, Vermont has now accepted it – through its legislatures over-riding their Republican governor’s veto.. so it is now legal in Vermont

    • Heather, thanks for pointing out that it was a good thing there wasn’t a referendum on Brown v. Board of Education. Sometimes the people lead the politicians, but most of the time, the people need to be led by their political and judicial masters.

    • Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities

  5. It is going to be very difficult to overturn SSM in Canada, even with a few more muslims.

  6. “Last November’s Proposition 8 was another major setback for the cause. It left many in California shocked that a state that voted overwhelmingly Democratic and for Barack Obama could quash a right that had been won in the courts of that state.”

    This only “shocked” cloistered, brie-eating, arugala-consuming hyper-elitists who know jack squat about anything outside their ivory towers. Anyone who knew anything about public opinion in California would have known that it would be a close vote. And anyone who knew anything about anything would know that voting for Democrats or being for Obama doesn’t = being for gay marriage. It does if you’re a rich, white social elite like John Parisella. It doesn’t if you’re a blue-collar, non-white lower-middle-class or poor person.

    “It is a recognition of social and economic realities that people who love each other and decide to share their lives together should enjoy the same rights in all aspects of human life, whether they be heterosexual or gay.”

    – John Parisella

    ““Like the communists and homosexuals of the 1950s, boy-lovers are so stigmatized that it is difficult to find defenders of their civil liberties, let alone their erotic orientation… In twenty years or so, it will be much easier to show that these men have been victims of a savage and undeserved witchunt”.

    – Gayle Rubin

    It’s only a matter of time…

  7. Does typing “gay sex marriage” make you a wee bit excited?

  8. Hey, I’m late to the thread but what I’ve been thinking about lately is, Gay couples are allowed to adopt in Canada, I was wondering if there would be a challenge by GLBT, to allow human cloning in the future? Not cloning per se but mixing their DNA in vitro and inserting into a stem cell. Human rights and all that.

    • From what I can tell, I guess reproductive rights could be separate from marriage rights. However some of the pushers for GLBT marriage are equating the two. + The act of allowing adoptions which is a reproductive right ( I think) I always mix up rights, shows that there is already a chance. Anyway I’m not a fan of cloning, especially not a fan of cloning with a social safety net. I may be a right wing crank, but there you have it.

  9. Start bracing themselves? WTF does THAT mean.

    Start bracing yourselves????????????????? Really???????????

    Maybe Heterosexuals should start 'bracing themselves' for fair and equal treatment of THE VERY GAY & LESBIAN PEOPLE THAT THEY THEMELVES CREATED?????????????


  10. As as gay coulpes are concerned I'm fine with it, they are people all the same and the world throws change in every now and then, live with it and move on I'd say. As long as there's a girl out there for me I could careless, why should someone else have to endure lonliness because they like the opposite sex?

  11. I believe you meant the 'same sex' yes? lol

  12. quite right. haha I'm still getting used to english excuse me. haha
    thank you

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