The ladies party too hardy

Hockey Canada apologizes for post medal shenanigans


After winning its gold medal in a 2-0 win over the United States, the Canadian women’s hockey team were so ecstatic that they forewent the traditional dressing room celebration, grabbed champagne and beer, passed around a cigar, and began cheering and boozing right on centre ice at Canada Hockey Place. The impromptu party has caused controversy for showing a lack of decorum, and for the participation of Marie-Philip Poulin, who is only 18 and thus under British Columbia’s legal drinking age. “In the excitement of the moment, the celebration left the confines of our dressing room and shouldn’t have. The team regrets that its gold medal celebration may have caused the IOC or COC any embarrassment,” said a statement from Hockey Canada. “Our players and team vow to uphold the values of the Olympics moving forward and view this situation as a learning experience.” On its part, the International Olympic Committee has announced that it will investigate the celebration.



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The ladies party too hardy

  1. AP Reporter Wins Pulitzer Prize!

    Vancouver – A reporter with The Associated Press today won the Pulitzer Prize for uncovering the shocking story of the Olympic Champion Canadian womens hockey team returning to the ice surface to savour their victory with beer and champagne. Disturbingly, one of the women was several months shy of the legal drinking age in the host country.

    The Canadian women, who were asked to leave friends and family behind and move to Calgary for seven months of intense training, were unaware that their hard earned impromptu celebration was being witnessed by the fifth estate.

    Calling it "the achievement of a lifetime" the AP reporter gleefully recounted the unfolding of events. Apparently oblivious to the world's top two womens hockey teams going end to end for 60 minutes in the battle for gold, the award winning reporter was roused from a stupor just in time to witness "the story of a career." The arena had been cleared following the game and the gold medal winners believed they were alone but "I couldn't get my lard-ass out of the seat. My only regret is that my family, who sacrificed to send me to journalism school, couldn't be here today to witness first hand how I've made the world a better, safer place by exposing this travesty."

    • Isnt that type of reporting usually done by the likes of say, the Star or Enquirer…hey, now that you have made a name for yourself maybe one of them will hire you…just a thought.

  2. Oh so they had a few beers at center ice after the place was empty! Big deal!! I would LOVE to have a few words with this reporter in a back alley somewhere!

  3. They didn't try burping for echoes, did they?

  4. How would you like to be the guy in the Attorney General's office who gets the short straw of prosecuting Marie-Philip Poulin, being called the "Sidney Crosby" of the girl's team for underage drinking?

  5. "File? What file? Must have got recycled by mistake. No, no, I said IT MUST have BEEN RECYCLED. BY MISTAKE. Notice I'm winking?"

  6. The IOC is embarrassing itself by investigating this – if they don't want hockey, or Olympic sport associated with beer then they shouldn't have beer (specifically the exact beer the women were drinking) as an – "official sponsor" of the games. Pure hypocrisy. Canada's women did nothing wrong at all.

    • some olympics sponsors are a joke…i was at the grocery store and i saw signs linking m&m's and mars bars with olympics athletes …not to mention coca cola and molson/coors …. coca cola is so brazen they even have ads that imply that drinking coke can make you an athlete ..everybody and their mom know's its junk food

  7. Maybe the girls did go beyond the bownds of taste, they deserve to let loose. They made us all proud to be Canucks.

  8. Clearly the women had made a pact with the devil. The Bacchanalia on Ice was the payback. Thank you, intrepid journalists, for keeping your virtue and bringing this scandalous conduct to our attention.

  9. Good grief. There are probably 2000 underage hookers spread out from Richmond to Kitsilano, and they're worried about an 18 year-old gold medalist celebrating with a beer!

  10. Well underage hookers may litter Richmond but the holy ground (rink) of the Olympics? No way!

  11. I didn't imply hookers were at the rink. I was simply illustrating how scewed our civic values are.

    • the olympics are all about athletes who compete mostly as individuals, then corporations and governments identifying themselves with these athletes….therefore if they go and do something like smoke and drink on the ice it makes the coporations and governments look bad …this being BC we are lucky they didn't smoke some weed on the ice

  12. Man, Canadians never miss an opportunity to rip each other apart do they. How petty of them to get so uptight and self-righteous over a non-issue after this team worked so hard and dedicated themselves to their mission and were successful. They deserve to blow off some steam and to enjoy the moment. The fact that you all seem to be so upset that an eithteen year old was drinking a beer has to border on the ridiculous.

  13. The ladies party too hardy

    I think you mean "hearty".

    Anyway, so they chugged a few brewskies and had a cigar. Good for them. Well deserved I'd say.

  14. The IOC and Hockey Canada should investigate themselves. The are full of corruption, theft, abuse of power and liars.

  15. Good going, girls, the hockey you played was thrilling and made us proud !! As for the celebrating, looking forward to the day when people will sigh – ah well, *girls will be girls*…

  16. I understand that the IOC is considering a ban on "malt based" beverages and nicotine based products as performance enhancing substances. Clearly, the run of women's hockey gold for the Power House Canadian Squad shows that their abuse of these substances must have contributed to their significant achievements.

    Maple Leaf Forever!

  17. It's always a great news reading something like this. Keep it up. Very well written article.

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