Suzanne Somers enters the Obamacare debate

The actress calls the Affordable Care Act a ‘socialist Ponzi scheme.’ It doesn’t go over well.



Former Three’s Company star, ThighMaster maven and self-help writer Suzanne Somers has waded into the U.S. health care debate, penning a critical Wall Street Journal op-ed that’s prompted its own criticism for some famous misquotes and inaccuracies.

“Medical care will be degraded, the costs will skyrocket, and most frightening of all, your most intimate and personal information is now up for grabs,” writes Somers, in a piece that bears the title ‘The Affordable Care Act Is a Socialist Ponzi Scheme‘ (Tell us what you really think, Suzanne!). Somers also cites, semi-accurately, a 2008 Maclean’s cover story.

Somers’ op-ed was taken to task by writers at The Atlantic Wire and New York magazine (“Whatever she lacks in traditional analytic skills, she more than makes up for with a strong love of freedom,” writes Jonathan Chait), but what garnered the most attention was a pair of quotes attributed to Vladimir Lenin and Winston Churchill — erroneously, it turns out.

The WSJ correction, subsequently appended to the piece: “An earlier version of this post contained a quotation attributed to Lenin (“Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state”) that has been widely disputed. And it included a quotation attributed to Churchill (“Control your citizens’ health care and you control your citizens“) that the Journal has been unable to confirm.”

And of course, there’s the dog/horse confusion. Writes Somers in the introduction to the piece: “A few years ago, I was startled to see the cover of Maclean’s, a national Canadian magazine, showing a picture of a dog on an examining table with the headline, “Your Dog Can Get Better Health Care Than You.”

The correction: “An earlier version of this post incorrectly said the photo showed and headline referred to a horse.” (In fairness to Somers, horses did get a mention in the story.)

Somers’ op-ed is published on the Wall Street Journal site under a section dubbed ‘The Experts,’ described by the WSJ as “an exclusive group of industry, academic and cultural thought leaders who weigh in on the latest debates in The Journal Report.”

Reactions to the health care critique were…well, about what you’d expect:


Suzanne Somers enters the Obamacare debate

  1. She has not changed a bit . Her character in Three’s Company came natural to her.

  2. WHY is the Wall Street Journal giving this wing-nut a platform. The only thing she is an “expert” on is misinformation.

    • Media gives all sorts of wing nuts air time. Outrageous, asinine, stupid…. we as a society celibate idiocracy.

      • *celebrate* – LOL! *idiocy* – LOL

  3. The most communist organization in the US is the NFL. What with the salary caps and all the other rules that have been implemented to attain parity (scheduling rules, drafting rules, revenue sharing etc.).
    This is also not only the most popular sport in the US the superbowl is probably the biggest event .
    So what do people in the US have against communism?
    It seems to work well for the NFL.

  4. Boy am i sure glad Chrissy Snow gave her oh so important opinion on Obama care. All we need now is Mr. Furley and Jack Trippers opinion and we can all rest on the issue.

    • I, personally, am eagerly awaiting Larry’s insights on quantitative easing.

      • QE is a sexy name for debt fraud to help sell it. Just print (electronic counterfeit) no value money to buy debt no legitimate lenders are buying. Gives people the illusion of US sovency when really they are depreciating USD for debt fraud.

        If you or I did QE with our budgets and debts, we would have ATF, FBI, CIA, US Treasury, CSIS, RCMP tripping over themselves racing to arrest us.

  5. Calling Somers an expert on healthcare says more about the Wall Street Journal to me. Unless of course she was writing about how to scam the public with bogus exercise equipment.

    • How would you know? You aren’t an expert on healthcare either.

      • And I’m not calling myself an expert. Pay attention if you want to post here or stop wasting people’s time with nonsensical posts and just sit back and read.

        • I have been posting internationally for over five years. Your comment is meaningless.

          • Paris Hilton has been acting for over 5 years – that doesn’t mean she’s any good at it.

          • I’ll leave all you Liberal children to play in the Maclean’s sandbox. I’ve better things to do with my life. The comments both here and in the National Post have deteriorated dramatically in the last three years.

          • Shorter wallhousewart “You’re laughing at me!!!! Waaaaaaah!!! Im telling my mom!”

          • “I have been posting internationally for over five years.” Ha ha ha like that is some accomplishment. I have been opening doors for 40 years!

  6. She’s right. This isn’t universal medicare Canadian style. This is wealth redistribution at its worst. People still have to pay for insurance coverage. Some families have had their rates doubled so that Obama’s base can get reduced coverage. Not only that the IRS has been put in charge of it. Would you trust an internal revenue service that has been caught favouring… er certain political groups to treat your information fairly ? Plus, in order to pass it, Obama has exempted himself, Congress, the unions and other favoured groups. If this was good for everyone, why would you have exemptions? It also relies on perfectly healthy young people to take out insurance. If you were young, healthy and under employed would you be taking out a $5,000 health insurance policy?

    • Just like Canada, a perpetual cash grab.

      Should have been like Social Security where EVERY penny collected goes to a balanced run plan. This way they can’t justify 30 tax increases to hyper-tax people. Reality is if every dime of taxes raised int eh name of “health care” was spent on health care we would have a system flush with money.

      Far too much gets redirected to bank, GM, Air Canada bailouts, loser programs, inflated contracts, back room deals, waste, corruption and general government bloat with defective F35s and rusty subs….

      I am not anti government but realize 1/2 of what Ottawa spends is waste and money for nothing crap. No options on my ballot represent middle class productive people. Probably why many don’t vote.

  7. Obamacare is as ‘socialist’ as Suzanne Sommers’ investment portfolio. This is a law that makes purchasing PRIVATE insurance or HMO coverage mandatory, and subsidizes such coverage by gutting funding to the truly ‘socialist’ Medicare and Medicaid programs to pay for it. Little wonder Obama received more campaign donations from HMOs and insurers than any other candidate.

    Sommers’ story is as phony as her t!ts. For an acutely-ill person, a call to 911 would have gotten her in a hospital bed quickly, and walk in clinics would have seen her within an hour. I’m not sure who is paying this woman to lie, but her acting certainly hasn’t improved since Three’s Company.

  8. She should stick to articles saying how she has sex two times a day at age 67 with her 77 year old husband rather than commenting on something she knows nothing about.

  9. Putting aside the actual subject matter for a moment, I found Lindsey Wiebe’s ‘aside’ comment in the second paragraph off putting & somewhat censorship in nature-she wrote (Tell us what you really think, Suzanne!).
    Is there something wrong with speaking ones mind? Within reason & regardless of right or wrong, it should be OK to do so because it could lead to other, better conversations. But apparently in this vanilla day & age where no one can be offended & everyone gets a prize no matter how pathetic, speaking ones mind is verboten.

    Notwithstanding the actual subject matter or that SS wrote an op-ed pc which is drivel, I find Lindsey’s comment inappropriate because as a writer with subjective opinions, who is she to deride & decide what’s appropriate for print?

    I support SS’s or anyone’s right to spew drivel because it’s the same right afforded to me for disagreeing like I am with Lindsey-however with the liberal control of the lamestream media, counter points & disagreements are becoming much more rare.

    Please remember that freedom of speech is a constitutional right & is in place, not for people who are in agreement, but rather for those that aren’t.

    • The WSJ is supposed to be a reputable publication. When they print an article it’s essentially given their seal of approval for content and accuracy.

      If Ms.Somers or anyone else wants to publish an article on their own blog or magazine, then that’s great! But the inaccuracies and sloppiness and obvious opinion she treats as facts is completely unworthy even for a publication that has been declining in standards like the WSJ. They should be thoroughly embarassed.

  10. I am glad to live in Canada ,and receive unexpensive health care. If people call this socialism , good i will take it. I do not want to be poor because of health reasons.

    • It isn’t “unexpensive”. You pay. Part of why you pay twice as much for beef, cheese, other foods and clothing is $40 billion in Ottawa taxes alone. Its why everything costs so much more and yet you wait at the hospital longer than third world countries like Costa Rica. We even tax our poor and disabled for it.

      USA alway as had Medicare and Medicaid. But don’t worry, Canadians are brainwashed with too much CBC urinalism and false pride. Me, I have lived in 4 countries, visited many many more….makes me immune to Canadian self important government brainwashing.

      But hey, just proves ignorance is bliss.

      • I knew an 80 year old lady in the US who had medicare. She was hit by a car in the crosswalk and paralyzed from the neck down. She lived 8 months in ICU. She had 80% coverage. The 20% she had to pay ate up every bit of her money, house, etc. She died of cardiac failure. For that 8 months she could only communicate with her eyes. When family came she closed them tightly.

      • Even Mitt Romney admitted that about $1,500 of the cost of a Made in the USA car is health insurance premiums for the workers–a defacto health tax passed on to the consumer. You pay one way or another, but with private insurance, you are also paying for overhead, duplication and profits.

    • *inexpensive*

  11. easy for her to say. She can afford to buy health care.

  12. Since when has socialized medicine been a bad thing …

  13. WSJ has been turning more into a partisan rag in recent years since Rupert Murdoch bought it. It’s editorials are often laughably bad now. Obviously the problem is spreading in their publication.