The latest on the Ford brothers


(Chris Young, The Canadian Press)

The headlines about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, just keep coming.

The day after the brothers used their weekly talk radio program to describe members of the media as “maggots,” the Toronto Star looks at how the ongoing Ford drama is playing out with the mayor’s supporters.

The Star reports that a poll conducted by Forum Research shows Ford’s popularity basically unchanged, when it is compared to a poll conducted on May 10, before the reports of the mayor’s alleged drug-use video surfaced.

While Ford’s support among voters may not have changed in the past weeks, it’s not all good news for the mayor.

The poll also showed that, should MP Olivia Chow run in a forthcoming election (as is rumoured to be the case) she would beat Ford, winning 56 per cent of the vote, compared to 36 per cent of respondents who said they would vote for Ford.

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The latest on the Ford brothers

  1. and in another poll, the NDP were ahead of the Liberals by 20% in BC

    • Then go by public opinion. Universally, Ford’s antics are making a laughing stock of Toronto.

  2. this before the Globe reports there is a video whose owner was murdered; source: the mayor’s office.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • Yes, the Sun is the best example of “pro union, high debt, tax and spend maggots, scum bags”. You’ve nailed it Bubba. The Sun are really closet communists.

    • Are you lumping the CPC in with the scumbags? They have been driving up the national debt load pretty much from the moment they took office (after years of Liberals paying it down). True, they have lowered current taxes, but someone is going to have to make up for the cash shortfall thier cuts caused at some point down the road…

    • Sun News is left-wing, big government, and pro-union? I’m sure that’s news to them.

      Congratulations, you’ve perfectly illustrated why conservatives are seen as total fucking idiots.

  4. Breaking News!

    There will be 250 candidates seeking for Mayor of Toronto in 2015. This report shows that Rob Ford may not win the next election. Poor Robby!

    • This comment was deleted.

      • You’re right. It’s unrealistic to expect better than what we’ve been getting from the Fords. Compared to others, they are great. Of course compared to a normative standard, they fail miserably.
        And by the way, Smitherman has never revealed which drugs he was using before running for political office. So it’s okay for the Ford brothers to have a sketchy past because they’re Conservatives but not ok for Smitherman because he was a Liberal? And it’s okay to smear Smitherman as a a “crackhead” without any proof that this is what he was talking about but unless there are 20 witnesses in the room willing to give their names, no amount of evidence is enough to “prove” the Fords behaviour?

  5. Rob and Dougie Ford,
    Are really funny fellows,
    Almost every second week,
    They get in some more trouble.

    • No it takes the lying scum at the TStar that long to make up some new smear.

  6. I hope the star gets to go the way of “Air America” soon, very very soon.

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