The Liberals are doomed

Janine Krieber lashes out at the party’s “elites from Toronto”


The latest salvo in the federal Liberals’ seemingly endless internecine war was launched by Janine Krieber over the weekend when she posted an open letter on her Facebook page saying once-dominant party is at death’s door. “The Liberal party is in a free fall, and it won’t recover,” the wife of ex-leader Stéphane Dion writes. “Like all the liberal parties in Europe, it will become a poor little thing at the mercy of ephemeral coalitions.” According to Krieber, her husband was more than willing to “take all the time and the hits to rebuild the party” in wake of Paul Martin’s shabby treatment of Jean Chrétien—that is, had “the elites of Toronto” not gotten in his way and foisted Michael Ignatieff onto the party. The end result, Krieber notes, has seen it suffer yet another steep drop in popularity, even further down from where the party was under Dion. “They couldn’t accept 26 per cent,” she writes, “now we’re at 23 per cent.”

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The Liberals are doomed

  1. Just found this message in a bottle that washed up today.

    Dear remaining Liberal supporter(s),

    Doomed is too strong, but clearly as a result on the Harper Recession (not Global) caused by his "uncaring" and mean things he says about the current executive, we at the Liberal Party feel another downsizing may be imminent if the CPC decide an election is in their interest. Clearly we Liberals polling at 23% have decided the statement in Sudbury may have been a wee bit premature. We have made some recent changes in our staffing and hope we don't break 20%, that would really be bad. -signed a worried Liberal

    • Worry on Mem Liberal cause us Canadians are sick of your Liberal crap. Canada will be better off, not worse, without the Liberals. How you can stand behind this corrupt party is beyond me. No I am not a Con, but I loath liberals! Liers and cheats everyone of them!

        • Your not very good at sarcasm. Try the direct mode of speech!

        • OK now I have you in my favs. Your site explains your off approach. Well done on the site!

  2. This is the first time I have heard that the FaceBook posts were done on the weekend. The sense that I am getting is that the posts are Older. I just assumed that the PMO has been saving them in a drawer or a vault somewhere to be pulled out when Needed.

    Maybe it was deemed needed on a weekend on Which the Prime Minister was cloistered away, trying to come up with a theory that would again save his Job. Is this that weekend? I think it is.

    As more and more evidence of Canadian Government complicity in that ugly mess in Afghanistan, ( this just in http://bit.ly/SSshh ) It is not surprising to have this bit of social media released.

    Is the public more interested in Krieber's one woman poll, than they are in the credibility of Mr. Colvin's revelations?

    Stephen Harper may hope they are.

    Personally I do not.

    • Not a con but I find the death of the Liberal party of canada than the media generated attack on our military. To bad so sad for you Leftards! I'm voting independent cause they are all corrupt in my opinion.

      • Based on the tone of your ramblings, is there a nazi party in your riding?

        • Yeh its called the LPC

  3. The Liberal Party is not dead. There are too many Canadians that aren't admirers of right leaning Conservativism, even less that admire Harper's brand and those Canadians that don't want to go as far left as the NDP. Where will we all fit?

    No, we will stay with the Liberals as the only real alternative to too far right and too far left. We will keep the Liberals alive to counteract the extremes.

    • If you think Liberalism in this country is not on the extreme left then you are a fool. You Libbies are so blind and obtuse!

      • With all the name calling and personalizing, it's obvious you are a Conservative.

        • Libbies are experts at name calling. I am merely telling the truth and I am an NDPer, at least in the last election!

  4. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard on the stand-up National that the Libs have devolved into name-calling on Facebook. A sad day for Canada, we might as well just join the US and get it over with.

  5. It's about time that someone in the Liberal Party stated the obvious.

  6. Ms. Krieber, thank you for your two cents. Stay classy.

  7. why did john geddes story posted at 9 30 which had 10 comments onit -get removed from the macleans files so instantly- it had made the canadian press and ran on google news alerts- with comments from many- only to be removed shortly thereafter–my comment was erased and I find that so very macleans

  8. Mr Ignatieff may have been underan American spell after 911- and yes many were- in fact he was teaching there- so he may be excused- buthowever We dont beleive in Coersive methods of interrogation and the idea of the Quebec province being called a NAtion is tough to swallow- however I was in NY on 911- and if was an american i would have been out for blood too.Only one thing could be worse than Paul Martin or American style eltisim in Candian politics- and that would be our Liberal party joining forces with the BLoc or the NDP.Ignatieff got that right.unfortuneatly so did Harper.

  9. I guess the possibility didn't occur to Janine that the party might be at 19% if Dion were still in charge.

    The Liberals will recover. It's just a matter of time. Only 6 or so years ago it looked like the Conservatives were doomed. Things change quickly in politics.

    • if i were a betting man i would bet the conservatives win again …if they add the 32 new seats in the west and ontario by the time of the next election they may have a majority …and then next election the liberals will have a different leader again

      • Agree. I don't think the Liberals will win with Iggy. Eventually, though, they will recover.

  10. M<y Fave :“Can someone really write these insanities and lead us to believe that he simply changed his mind?” writes Ms. Krieber, who has lectured on terrorism at Royal Military College. “In order to justify violence, he must have engaged in serious thought. Otherwise, it's very dangerous. How can we be sure that he won't change his mind one more time?”Read more: http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/fullcomm

  11. In a real sense, Harper has attempted to transform the CPC into a semi-clone the Liberal Party (adding a lot of meanness), capturing the majority of the centre. The LPC has cooperated in this endeavor by transforming itself into a party of the left; where they can fight effectively with the NDP and the Bloc for members and support, but they will never form government until the public perceives them as both honest and centrist.

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