Review: The lies of Sarah Palin -

Review: The lies of Sarah Palin

This is no “on the one hand, on the other hand” summation of the 2012 Republican presidential prospect


The lies of Sarah PalinAs the title makes very clear, this is no “on the one hand, on the other hand” summation of the 2012 Republican presidential prospect. For Dunn, an award-winning investigative reporter who is a frequent contributor to the liberal Huffington Post, there is no other hand to Palin. (Except for one acknowledged factor, with which any fervent Palinite could agree. That sine qua non of presidency seekers, that all-consuming drive? She has it in spades.) Dunn has that quality too: his 400-plus pages setting up the case for Palin as a pathological liar, an “approval-seeker on steroids” and someone almost universally considered—by former supporters, let alone enemies—to have some sort of mental disorder, is backed by more than 100 in-depth interviews. It’s probably more than he needs; Dunn’s subject, after all, is the woman who signed her email announcing the birth of her fifth child, Trig, not with her name but with “Trig’s Creator, Your Heavenly Father.”

The early Alaska material is interesting but probably too insider for most readers. Things pick up when Dunn gets to Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s manifestly inadequate vice-presidential vetting procedures in 2008. Everyone present at Palin’s last-minute audition for the job agrees that she was “direct and specific” on her belief in the theory of evolution. Everyone but Palin, that is—in her memoir, Going Rogue, she asserts she was forthright about her creationist beliefs. Given that McCain was adamant that any VP candidate wasn’t to bring more controversy—over intelligent design, for example—to a campaign that already had more than enough, it’s far easier to believe his staffers that an honest declaration of creationist beliefs would have sunk Palin’s chances. Those were early days in Palin’s national celebrity, but Dunn is just getting warmed up. For the rest of his book, in a stupefying and depressing parade, Palin and the record contradict each other as steadily as her popularity levels slide.


Review: The lies of Sarah Palin

  1. Sounds like hackneyed book for liberals who don’t like Palin and want their prejudices confirmed. Anyone who followed 2008 election should be aware that Palin was the star of Republican Party and McCain was sideshow. Criticism from McCain and his camp is sour grapes. 

    •  Same kind of hackneyed journalism like gotcha-questions about what, if anything, she reads?

    •  Read the book yet? No? Then sit down and shut up.

    • Your “star” lost.  Sit down and shut up. 

    • “”It is wonderful to be back in Oregon,” Obama said. “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.” Barack Obama, May 9 2008, LA Times

      Sorry to have missed the fishwife brigade. It is always good for a laugh to watch Obama fans proclaim his genius or denigrate others for their supposed lack of intelligence.

      Obama thinks he has one left to go? How many States does Obama think there are, exactly?

      • Is that all you got? That’s kind of pathetic. 57 states. That’s as moldy as Sarah Palin holding up her hand with something written on it. Smart people misspeak as easily as anyone else. Clearly that’s the case and Obama knew how many states there are. I think you need to get back to sleuthing Obama’s birth certificate.

      • Yawn….

        He mispoke. Unike your gal….he is not a pathological LIAR.

        • He misspoke ONCE. There’s a difference.

      • Gawd, you idiots alway bring up that faux pas. It’s not even that bad, it makes you seem desperate, silly and ridiculous. How can you compare his tiny misspeak with tons of lies, wars, torture, insane failed policies and ignorance with the 57 states bullshit? Did anyone die, or lost a limb because Obama said 57 states?  Get over it, I laugh every time I see that idiotic argument. rotf

        This is the typical immaturity shown every day in your backwardass party.

    •  If you think these are lies, read He is an Alaskan R blogger who is intelligent and ran against palin. He has document all things since before the VP nomination.
      Very interesting reading and NOT from a liberal blogger.
      Also read the newspaper articles from that time, not after the VP nomination. There were questions about palin’s ability and her ethics, before she was the ‘chosen one’.

  2. This was a great read. I was bleary eyed for a couple of days having stayed up until 4am because I couldn’t put the book down. I have my fingers crossed hoping Palin will go for the Republican nomination. The entertainment value of that would be priceless. You can love her ideology but it is undeniable that she lies very easily and about anything. 

    Her fans are low income, low education Americans as a recent poll showed. Her fans whine about how the left is afraid of her. If you take a knife and make a cut at right of center and ignore every comment to the left of that you will still hear that she is very flawed and a liar. The list of “conservatives” who are appalled by her include, Christopher Buckley, David Frum, Andrew Sullivan, Colin Powel, Susan Eisenhower and on an on.

    Jeanne Devon, an Alaskan, just did a piece on Palin for the Huffington Post that was very astute. Devon has a book coming out on 5/24 co-written with Palin’s former campaign manager, Frank Bailey. Bailey is a bible college graduate and part of the evangelical wing of the Republican party. His book is an expose and it should reveal more of the duplicity of Sarah Palin with email examples between Palin and himself. The Lies of Sarah Palin was a fun read, and I look forward to Devon’s book and especially Joe McGinniss’s book The Rogue, coming out on 9/20

  3. Palinbots should be here anytime to start spewing their bull.
    Surprised that Tonyadams is the only monkey here flinging poo.

  4. Thank you for the fair review. I read the book and thought it was excellent. The chapters on the vetting and how she betrayed McCain were most enlightening. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is willing to listen to the truth.

  5. I’m guessing that you have not yet read the book that you are slamming.  Most of the sources are Alaskan Republicans who have known and worked with Palin for many years.