The man who lost the Grey Cup -

The man who lost the Grey Cup

Saskatchewan Roughriders’ linebacker Sean Lucas was the extra player on the field (maybe)


The Saskatchewan Roughriders lost the 97th Grey Cup because someone wearing a green jersey was on the field when he should have been on the sidelines. The now-infamous extra-man penalty gave the Montreal Alouettes a second chance to boot a game-winning field goal—and the kicker didn’t miss. But who was the 13th man who broke the hearts of Rider Nation? That’s still not exactly clear. Fingers quickly pointed at Jason Armstead, the Saskatchewan receiver who was in the end zone when Damon Duval missed kick number one. (Why, after all, would the Riders—desperate to block the field goal attempt—waste a player in the end zone when an extra body would have come in handy on the line of scrimmage?) In the Monday papers, many reporters simply assumed Armstead was the goat. They were wrong. According to numerous reports this morning, the extra man was actually all-star linebacker Sean Lucas. When asked to confirm his mistake, Lucas would only say: “We just had too many men on the field.”

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The man who lost the Grey Cup

  1. Shocked, saddened, but proud of our team! Next year!

  2. Armstead was in the end zone because a missed kick is still a live ball, and the kicker Duvall and anybody else on-side can recover it for a touchdown. Congratulations to the Als!
    [from a Stampeder supporter].

  3. Tough loss on a play where there were 4 people in charge of counting the players and Armstead was one of them so he couldn't have been the extra man. Team game, Team Win and Team Loss. Just one of those things that happens in sports. Can't wait to cheer the Riders on in Edmonton next year.

  4. The whole team played well all through the game, and in my opinion they won the grey cup, but the Als just took home the cup, they really didn't win it. It doesn't matter who the 13th man was on the field, I somehow feel that maybe the 13th man was the one in the stands, where in their enthusiasm to block the calls of the Als backfired and the play wasn't understood by the green men on the field. In my opinion, the Riders are still champions, cup or no cup.

  5. Numerous reports??? WTF??!! Get your facts straight? Who wrote this article? Dave Naylor from TSN has SPECULATED it was Lucas. It has not been CONFIRMED by anyone. Get your damn facts straight before posting this crap.

  6. It doesn't matter who was the 13th man on the field. It's a team game. You win or lose as a team. Time to move on. To most people and me, the Riders won the game but lost the Cup. They are true champions and they will be back to win the Grey Cup next year in Edmonton.

  7. I was at the game and i can not believe that no one has even mentioned (including the highlights) the one point that the riders gave up. Without that point the 4th ends in a tie. Not only that but making them kick it again would have eaten up more time. Time that montreal needed in the end. In my eyes the rider couching staff made two big errors in the game.

  8. A fan outside the stadium said it right. "I guess the 13th man was one to many" but a great game to be at anyway.

  9. As has been said before, nobody has confirmed who was the 13th man. Whether it was Lucas (rightly or wrongly) doesn't matter. It concerns me, however, that whomever chose to out Lucas here didn't sign their name to the report. This downgrades this to a guess or a rumour if the person posting it doesn't want to sign their name to it.

    Regardless of who the 13th man on the field was, the Rider nation can take comfort that Montreal needed a second chance at a last second field goal to win. They'll be back next year, and you can bet that they'll fight harder to win the prize.

  10. The fact that the writer of this piece included within it a statement in parentheses that manifestly displays his/her ignorance of CFL rules should be sufficient evidence to all that they also have no business speculating on the identity of the player 'allegedly' or 'supposedly' at fault. The important question that needs an answer is not the identity of this person; rather it is what happened that caused the Roughriders to lose a game in which they were clearly leading with less than 10 minutes left to play? Flailing around trying to uncover the identity of one person just obscures the importance of this larger question.

  11. what a bunch of cowards who can't state the truth ! Sean Lucas lost the gray cup plain and simple and everybody is kissing his ass, why, so lil Sean won't cry ? he single handed with one stupid mistake cost the riders all a ring and a cup, plain and simple, he cost every rider millions of $ in endorsements, plain and simple !

  12. montreal never won the gray cup, Sean Lucas gave it to them gift wrapped !

  13. Finally someone not afraid to state the obvious truth ! Sean Lucas not only cost his millionare team mates millions of $ but also cost us tax payers millions of $ too, remember, for every ten million $ "they" get paid our gvt. takes four or five million $, now all of us gotta make up for that loss !

  14. Please just move on and cheer for another team Sean and Cam. We Rider fans don't wish to count you as fellow fans. The team sticks together and we fans stick behind each and EVERY one of them. I doubt any player or fan is over that game and your nastiness does nothing at ALL to help anyone heal.

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