The McCain-Palin campaign


With a few days left to go, polls overwhelmingly point to an Obama-Biden victory. While we may justifiably quote Yogi Berra about it “not being over until it’s over,” the current political context and the conduct of the McCain-Palin campaign go a long way to justify the optimism in the Obama camp.

It may still be too early for post-mortems, but the Republican campaign has been among the most erratic and inept I have seen. Much of the blame is directed at the unpopularity of the Bush administration and the failure of Republican policies. All this is true, but McCain cannot escape his fair share. His impetuous style, his tolerance of character attacks on his opponent, and his abysmal choice of a running mate have complicated an already challenging task. The sad irony is that, should McCain lose, he will look back on having not been the man so many have come to admire. He can defend the Palin choice all he wants, but it was a huge mistake because she is just not qualified and it was made for the wrong reasons. The consequence of this selection has brought to the forefront his judgement and his advanced age. We should all shudder to think what a Palin presidency could mean. All this will make the day after the election much more painful for such a proud man.

The constant name-calling and the acceptance of half truths about his opponent have turned voters off. The Republican ticket is constantly shifting messages and has failed to reassure voters who are quite literally afraid for their economic welfare. Who cares about Bill Ayers? And the socialist and the wealth spreader label? These attacks are going nowhere.

Big-name conservatives are moving Obama’s way. Obama himself has conducted an inspiring and more unifying campaign. The only way McCain can win now is a messy one: Either the racial factor is greater than anticipated or a national security tragedy will occurs. Otherwise, the campaign has failed to inspire and to mobilize. It has been divisive and has offered little to deal with the real problems Americans are facing. On that basis alone,this camapaign deserves to lose.


The McCain-Palin campaign

  1. I care about nut cases like Bill Ayers and Frank Davis who mentored Obama. I care about propping up a so-called candidate who’s experience is one of a glorified community organizer who spent the majority of his tenure as a young man iether giving other peoples money away, taking it away from others or suing to lower social economic standards. Then spending only 143 days as a Senator with no voting record, executive or foreign affairs experience. These are not attacks, they are facts about a candidate who was raised as a socialist who has questionable citizenship.

  2. Don’t you worry Cambell, Frank Davis is all Wright.

    It’s a shame about McCain… well not really.

  3. American elections have been and always will be love affairs, and many end tragically…

    Well, since my baby left me,
    I found a new place to dwell.
    Its down at the end of lonely street
    At heartbreak hotel.

    And although its always crowded,
    You still can find some room.
    Where broken-hearted lovers
    Do cry away their gloom.

    Well, the bell hops tears keep flowin’,
    And the desk clerk’s dressed in black.
    Well they been so long on lonely street
    They ain’t ever gonna look back.

    Hey now, if your baby leaves you,
    And you got a tale to tell.
    Just take a walk down lonely street
    To heartbreak hotel.

    You make me so lonely baby,
    I get so lonely,
    I get so lonely I could die.

    –E. Presley, et al

    …yet in spite of the disappointment in their past choices, there is a bee-buzz aura emanating from the U.S. mob…

    Mortal, that thou may’st understand aright,
    I humanize my sayings to thine ear,
    Making comparisons of earthly things;
    Or thou might’st better listen to the wind,
    Whose language is to thee a barren noise,
    Though it blows legend laden through the trees.
    In melancholy realms big tears are shed,
    More sorrow like to this, and such like woe,
    Too huge for mortal tongue, or pen of scribe.

    –Keats, The Fall of Hyperion: A Dream

    The age of Kody is over.

  4. Has anyone actually done the math on the odds of McCain dying in his (theoretical) first term and Palin actually becoming president? No president has died of natural causes in office since WWII. Reagan, Ford, and Nixon all lived into their 80’s and 90’s, and Carter and Bush Sr. are still active well into their 80’s. The fact is the President will have the best doctors in the world keeping him alive.
    I think McCain saw a kindred spirit in Palin and fully expected to live long enough to groom her into a future star for the Republicans.

  5. Wow Steve.

    Basing a prediction of this man’s life expectancy on stats with a full sample of only 43 people (none of whom have suffered as much physically as John McCain) is about as stupid as voting for the McLame / Flailin’ ticket. You should do the real math and factor in, say, his multiple bouts with cancer, or maybe obviously swollen gland on his left jaw, or how about just his being older than dirt.

    With that all added up, a Palin presidency looks a little more likely.

    Like ominous.

    A Certainty.

    Secondly, he obviously chose her because she was a hard-core anti-women’s rights, right wing bible-thumper who might get the votes he wasn’t going to gain as a centrist with liberal tendencies.

    He also hoped that liberal women who wanted Hillary to win would be dumb enough to think that Palin is a reasonable facsimile of Clinton.

    Also, she is a hot chick who gets her picture taken with giant guns. Hard core right wing men all drool over her because she represents the near unachievable fantasy of the good looking woman who likes to kill animals but doesn’t support her own right (or any other woman’s right) to have control over her own reproductive organs.

    Then the RNC spent $150K in less than 2 months (in a serious recession, mind you, when annual household finances for most Americans don’t amount to half of that) to ensure her onstage hotness when presented to the drooling masses.

    His choice of this airheaded eye-candy is dramatic and telling of his inability to make good, not-rash decisions. He didn’t choose her because of some goofy kindred spirit theory. He chose her cause he thought she would be an easy win.

    By the way, good luck with “grooming” this candidate who seems intent on destroying the GOP by going off into her own messages instead of the talking points she was so obviously drilled on. Can’t wait to watch her redefeat in 2012!

  6. “The campaign has failed to inspire and to mobilize. It has been divisive and has offered little to deal with the real problems Americans are facing. On that basis alone,this camapaign deserves to lose.”

    If one accepts much of what Wherry and others around the Macleans blogs have published post-Canadian election, depending on the outcome of the American contest, this offers an interesting juxtaposition.

  7. Matt,

    I never thought of my 5-president sample was scientific or definitive. And a sample of all 43 U.S. presidents would be useless because medical science has changed so much. But my opening question was serious – I am legitimately curious about what the actuaries out there have to say about McCain’s life expectancy.

  8. Steve,
    According to common actuarial tables, he has about a 5% chanceof dying in his first term. This does not take into account two factors:

    He will have the best medical care money can buy

    He does have past medical conditions.

    As well, it does not consider non-life threatening health issues that are more likely (strokes, heart attacks etc.) and would result in the VP taking over for an indeterminate time.

  9. John Podhoretz once wrote “All conservatives are bilingual — we have to be. We speak both liberal and conservative. But liberals are monolingual — they don’t have to be anything else. They speak liberal, and are completely ignorant of the conservative tongue.”

    He was exactly right. If libs ever took a moment to look at right wing sources they would realize how ignorant they are when they write things like Parisella does when he writes about Repubs.

    I agree the campaign has looked “erratic and inept” but all McCain campaigns do, he seems to like them that way, but people seem to vote for him. Palin is an ‘abysmal choice’ only to those that feel that a appropriate litmus test for the presidency is whether they can discuss Reinhold Niebuhr.

    For those that know anything about repub politics, Palin is the only reason McCain has a chance. The base loathe McCain but they are holding their noses and will vote for him due solely to Palin.

    Both campaigns are running “character attacks on his opponent” but Obama has run way more of them due to his opting out of public financing option, which he promised not to do, so has more money to constantly broadcast his smears.

    And this analysis of why McCain is not doing well leaves out one thing: the financial meltdown. McCain was winning, or was tied, with Obama in the days before the Paulson Plan was announced. McCain’s numbers plummeted afterwards and have never recovered. Not sure how McCain is supposed to fight a ‘kick the bums out’ mentality that has overtaken the electorate.

  10. Campbell:

    I can’t see how Bill Ayers and Frank Davis are any more “nut cases” than those who openly or clandestinely participated in the American Revolution to liberate Americans from what they felt were unjust laws created by the British to oppress their populace.

    If it weren’t for “nut cases” we probably wouldn’t enjoy any civil liberties.

    And as for Obama’s senate voting history (it exists, I assure you), visit http://www.opencongress.org/people/voting_history/400629_barack_obama/1

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