The Michelle Obama effect

Black cover girl trifecta at Vogue


The fashion blogosphere is atwitter over the fact Vogue has put a woman of colour on its cover for the third month in a row, a bold move for the fashion bible which has traditionally favoured white cover girls. Liya Kebede is photographed on the front of the May issue with two other models; the British modelling sensation Jourdan Dunn appears on the fold. In March, First Lady Michelle Obama posed for the front, in April the singer Beyoncé appeared.  Vogue’s safe nod to diversity is being well received, as is the return of actual models, rather than the parade of celebrities that has dominated its front in recent years.

New York Magazine

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The Michelle Obama effect

  1. Colour is only skin deep, Puting Michelle Obama’s picture on the cover is a great idea she is a beautiful woman and she has more than skin covering her bones, something the fashion world should start looking at instead of all these anorexic,/bulimic bone racks that DO NOT represent the population as a whole!!

  2. I’m glad a sensible grounded person like Mrs. Obama has made waves in the superficial and generally completely useless fashion world. Although, This Michelle O fashion extravaganza is turning into a bit of a media circus.

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