The most cringe-inducing ad that side of the Atlantic -

The most cringe-inducing ad that side of the Atlantic


About a month ago, I took in a movie in Paris and before the previews, there was an advertisement (in French, of course) for Orangina that nearly busted my brain. Truly, is was the sort of experience where you’re looking around, wondering if anyone else just saw that. I don’t know how else to explain the ad—for an orange soda popular among kids, no less— but as a sort of salsa-burlesque number performed by twistedly anthropomorphized zoo animals. It has flamingos pole-dancing. A bear in a loin cloth. And a creepy Flashdance homage.

As Broadsheet points out today, this ad has become a source of some controversy in Britain, where an English version now appears. Yes, I know the company is probably thrilled.

But surely PETA will be pissed.

Click here to watch it. Keep a bucket handy.

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The most cringe-inducing ad that side of the Atlantic

  1. Oh.


  2. Mother of God.

    I think I need to go try washing my eyes… Every time you think it can’t get any worse, something even MORE ridiculous happens.

  3. Oh those French. Their commercials have always been a bit beyond what we, in what they call “le monde anglo-saxon,” would find tasteful.

    This commercial certainly does, uhm, stretch things to some rather, uhm, tawdry depths.

    However, the tagline is a usual French commercial jeux-de-mots. “Naturellement pulpeuse” means both “naturally pulpy” and “naturally buxom or curvy” thus it refers to the juice and the “females.”

    Orangina, which I love by the way, has always been into showing off the sexier side of things.

    Way back when I lived in France one summer their commercial featured hot Brazilian bods of both sexes cavorting on the Ipanema or Copa Cabana to the great Chico Buarque song , Essa moça ta differente and then the next summer they unleashed the Lambada on the world.

    I wish I could find them on YouTube but so far no luck.

  4. How many of the animators involved are now in counseling?

    Once was more than enough, imagine seeing that all day as you’re working on it.

  5. HOW



    More of a herd-mentality over-reaction to something that’s only different than the usual tripe but hardly…well… ANYTHING.

    Instructed to be outraged and dutifully respond.

  6. Orangina’s good stuff. Is it available in Canada? All the local restaurants seem to serve is Fanta and Orange Crush, which really only pair well with listeria-infused luncheon meats.