The most interesting thing I’ve read today


Francis Fukuyama on Iran and the rule of law:

The legal scholar Noah Feldman has argued that the widespread demand for a return to Shariah in many Muslim countries does not necessarily reflect a desire to impose harsh, Taliban-style punishments and oppress women. Rather, it reflects a nostalgia for a dimly remembered historical time when Muslim rulers were not all-powerful autocrats, but respected Islamic rules of justice—Islamic rule of law.


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The most interesting thing I’ve read today

  1. Reminds me of G. K. Chesterton.

  2. You know, Noah Feldman is a puzzling, if convincingly sharp, character. But he's pretty clear-headed in his scholarship, and Fukuyama does a half-way descent job cribbing his 2008 piece, "Why Shariah?", from ,The New York Times Magazine.

    • Isn't Why Sharia a song?

      • No no, it was "My Sharia" by the Knack. You'd totally know it if you heard it.

  3. Making a virtue of necessity.

    These societies desire for something to counter dictators, but they sure picked a bad horse to back, which is why I don't believe in trying to find a way to justify Sharia. It just isnt what he says "the people" think it is.