The Mulroney lovefest -

The Mulroney lovefest

Photo Gallery: Conservatives celebrate the 25th anniversary of his sweep to power


Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of his sweep to power that resulted in two back-to-back majority governments. The Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel was packed with past and present Tories. Click each image to enlarge.

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The Mulroney lovefest

  1. No pic of Andrew Coyne? Unbelievable!

    • Would Coyne even attend? With the exception of NAFTA, I suspect he doesn't think much of Mulrouney. Mulrouney was the only PM to raise spending above 50% of GDP — that magical number where economists consider a country socialist.

    • There was a time when Andrew would have been on the invite list…..I suspect the invite is in the same place as Norman Spectors.

  2. In fifty years time, once all the partisan fog has been blown away, Mulroney will be identified as one of the truly great Prime Ministers in our history. He was committed to very difficult economic restructuring measures, while knowing the very heavy political costs that would come with them. He was similarly committed to righting the one great flaw in our constitutional fabric, but was defeated on that cause by petty, petty politicians. Mr. Mulroney, you have my gratitude.

    • "In fifty years time"

      Therein lies the problem with the electorate in particular, and the population in general. People forget. So in fifty years time, people will forget that a gifted and brilliant politician brought the stench of criminality (I know, there were no charges or conviction) to the Prime Minister's Office by trouping with a known crook while in office, and accepting money from said crook immediately after leaving office.

      People will forget this.

      • Yes, people will forget too, the partisan drivel that is demonstrated in repeated charges of criminality, where none existed, and claims of knowing things well ahead of when they were actually known.

        • Out, damned spot! Out, I say!

      • Cue mindless partisans…

    • Ed you are a partisan ignoramous. Mulroney doubled out national debt and his interest rates over twenty percent caused thousands of families to lose their homes. Shame on you for being so narrow.

  3. Mulroney is one of the most gifted speakers and motivators I have ever had the good fortune of working for. He was and still can be on occasion right up there with Obama when it comes to the sheer ability to grab you and draw you into the subject at hand. I have had the good fortune to meet the great ones Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien and no doubt a few years ago Harper will be include in this list. I only wish I was just a few years older as I just missed Dief the Chief and Pearson – it would have been a joy to have met them as well! – Although Mulroney had his downfall in current public opinion hopefully history will place all in the proper context as it always does as harper said on the tape Mulroney contribution is not matched.

  4. Yes, people will forget too, the partisan drivel that is demonstrated in repeated charges of criminality, where none existed.

  5. "Finance Jim" Flaherty. LOL

  6. As Mulroney once unfairly tagged Brian Mackasey , now much more apt for Consigliore Mulroney, "There's no whore like an old whore."

  7. Funny the only person missing is Preston Manning…hey even Joe Clark is there.

  8. Didn't see any brown envelops of cash in your photos! How was Brian paying for this bash?

  9. Anybody that thinks the Mulroney government was wonderful and deserves admiration does not believe that you don't know where you are headed if you forget where you came from. Into his second majority term he had doubled our national debt and Wall Street was referring to Canada's finances as that of a "Banana Republic". Shame on anyone that admires Brian Mulroney as a great Prime Minister.

  10. If you think that we would be better off with a Conservative Harper majority government just reflect on how our nations finances were skewered by the Mulroney majorities. History has shown that when conservative "idealogues" get a majority they only help their own kind and totally ignore the 60% of the population that didn't vote for them.

    • "and totally ignore the 60% of the population that didn't vote for them."

      So I guess you're talking post '88 election, because Mulroney had a mandate from 50% of voters in '84. And i guess Liberals looked out for everyone, even though Chretien, Martin, and in fact every Liberal Leader since the Korean Conflict, clearly represented all Canadians with less than Mulroney's support levels.