The NDP v. Thomas Mulcair -

The NDP v. Thomas Mulcair


If last night’s NDP leadership debate is any indication, Thomas Mulcair is the favourite to win the race, at least so far as his fellow candidates can tell. They all spent considerable energy attacking him during last night’s debate in Montreal, the second-last before the party’s convention on Mar. 23-24.

As Brian Topp accused Mulcair of wanting to move away from the party’s core values, the candidate retorted: “I want us to continue moving forward. I do not want us to go backwards. (…) With Jack [Layton], we proposed a modernization and we must continue this modernization. It’s far from finished.”

Peggy Nash even wagged a finger at Mulcair, while asking him why he only made financial contributions to the party’s Quebec wing, and none to the national party, before 2011: “Are you ready to admit your error? I am not questioning your allegiance. Are you saying there are rules for everyone and different ones for you?”

According to the CBC, Mulcair is currently lead fundraiser, with $205,000 in campaign contributions compared to $182,000 for Topp, $144,000 for Paul Dewar and $139,000 for Peggy Nash. Nathan Cullen has raised almost $130,000. Martin Singh and Niki Ashton have raised less than $60,000 each.

The next and final NDP leadership debate will take place on Mar. 10 in Vancouver.

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The NDP v. Thomas Mulcair

  1. Makes no difference.
    NDP cannot get any seats anywhere else in Canada and their Quebec support is falling faster than a Russian Rocket. Turmel was already TERMINAL.
    They hate big business, they want to tax the hell out of anybody making more money than a hamburger flipper, they trash Canada in foreign Capitals that all Canadians will NEVER forgive them for, they know how to give away money but havent a clue how to generate investment.
    In Parliament they have not learned that the role of the opposition is to offer alternatives to the government in power but cant do that, and many extreme left members of the NDP are so at odds with others that votes are always split. Mainstream Canada has no time for NDP who would chase all investment and business out of the country. European Union has voted Canada the most stable nation on earth last July and NDP hate that, NDP hate USA, hate the Military, hate the WEST especially, and will bankrupt any part of Canada they get their fangs into. And Mulcair will not give up his FRENCH CITIZENSHIP so his leadership loyalties are already split to a foreign nation. Isnt it TITANIC WEEK?

  2. Mulcair is the best

  3. Speaking as a life long NDPer, I’d hate to see our party move to the center as Muclair would bring us. When Harper is done implementing his right wing agenda the Canadian people will need a clear alternative and if the choice is Liberal or Liberal light they will choose Liberal. Our party needs to stick to its core values, not move away from them. For that reason I say, anybody but Muclair ! 

    •  Relax. Mulcair doesn’t have the backing of Ed Broadbent (Topp does).

  4. I like Cullen, He has a great economic and tax programme and he incourages support with the other parties, otherwise the conservatives will keep pushing the opposition around

  5. Harper must be wetting his pants in pure unbridled jubilation.  Without Layton, the NDP is a mess.