The slow march to independence -

The slow march to independence

New PQ program includes calls for more powers from Ottawa


Under a PQ government, Quebec will get more. So says the party’s newly released action plan for sovereignty, which has as its goal to continuously wrestle control from the federal government—with full compensation—until the party deems it proper to call another referendum to separate outright from Canada. Under the plan, the broad strokes of which were defined by PQ leader Pauline Marois last June, the party would adopt a Quebec constitution and citizenship, as well as a charter defining Quebec as a secular state. It would also modify Bill 101 to apply to businesses with less than 50 employees, which isn’t currently the case.

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The slow march to independence

  1. The PQ is going nowhere fast, I don't think very many people in Quebec take them very seriously.
    They'll try to look strong since the Libs are in a free fall but I suspect people will quickly realize how out of touch they are.

    • Jesus man, have you looked at the polls over the, err, last year or so?

      If that's what you call "nowhere fast", I bet you a pint of your favourite beer Charest would love to go there even faster.

      Doesn't mean the PQ has a clue, mind you.

    • that's the first thing i thought , but they think they will get the money from the rest of canada and also the power.. if they want more power and it's going to cost us less most canadians would agree with it …their bill 101 stuff is a bunch of craaaap however

  2. What will they do with the people like myself who will refuse Quebec Citizenship?Deport us?A Canadian passport is one of the most respected in the world and I'm not giving it up for some dinky wannabe country.
    I believe Chretien was a closet separatist or not to bright, who in their right mind would allow less than 1/8th of the population to break up a huge country like Canada.
    I believe the people of Canada had the wool pulled over their eyes once again,just like Trudeau and his official bilingualism policy.
    No more Prime Ministers from Quebec!!!!

  3. Ah the Greece of Canada. Always wanting more, more, more, and demanding other provinces on paying for their wishes. A me, me, me province.