The (New) Empire of the St. Lawrence: What Would Coyne Blog?


QUEBEC – Quebec and Ontario are rebranding themselves as “Central Canada,” with plans to work more closely together that include a Quebec City-to-Windsor high-speed train as a green alternative to a new Highway 401 linking the two provinces.

Other things on the agenda include lowering trade barriers, increased labour mobility, and getting more Quebec hydro power to Ontario.

So, in case anyone feels like doing anything other than following AC’s liveblog of Liberal Fascism, Canadian-style, here are Coynian talking points, open for debate:

  • Like TILMA, this is further evidence not of Confederation’s success, but of its failure. Thanks to a cowardlyfederal government that refuses to exercise its legitimate constitutional powers, the economic and political integration of the country has ground to a halt and is now actually going backwards. Canada is fragmenting into its pre-Confederation constituent parts.
  • This is a bad thing.


The (New) Empire of the St. Lawrence: What Would Coyne Blog?

  1. I can’t really rouse myself to be bothered by these initiatives, at least not from a federalism perspective. The labour mobility and trade barriers stuff are things I would like to see the feds do, if only because they’d happen faster. But in the absence of federal action this is better than nothing.

  2. Why is this bad? Mayne we should be looking towards the EU model of integration and stop kidding ourselves. Bring on the CPC’s version of a decentralized confederation, we’re wasting too much time in its current form.

  3. More and more it looks like besides foreign policy, immigration and military matters Canada is less centralized than the EU as it integrates together.

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