The next level of airport security: “Naked scanners” -

The next level of airport security: “Naked scanners”

Canada is already using them. The Dutch are following suit.


Metal detectors can only do so much (ie. detect metal). But full-body scanners—an X-ray machine that essentially strips a person naked—probably would have spotted the explosives stuffed into the skivvies of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian man who tried to blow up a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day. Which is why Dutch authorities announced this morning that the high-tech scanners will be used to screen passengers on every U.S.-bound flight, effective immediately. A few Canadian airports already use the devices, projecting the X-rays into a closed room where one security officer takes a peek. With airport safety once again at the top of people’s minds, don’t be surprised if the machines start showing up at every Canadian airport.

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The next level of airport security: “Naked scanners”

  1. I remember going through a device in the UK that required a standing stop on a marked spot where a "sniffer" would pass over and detect chemical signatures that might indicate the presence of explosives.

    Given recent reports about the shockingly high level of radiation CAT scans dole out, and our unquestioning ignorance of those levels for so long, I am skeptical about being scanned this way.

    • I'm upset. Not because of CAT scans as I've had at least 20 of them in the last several years, but because I have an ileal conduit due to Bladder Cancer and for me, its an invasion of privacy. If the govt. thinks I'm a security threat, just deny me a passport. They have all my records on file as I held a 'diplomatic' passport in the late 60's. We all should be aware that the govt. has files on most Canadians so why can't they just do their job . They have a vast database.

  2. i just saw on the news how dogs can easily detect explosives but currently only do this on baggage or objects…but not people…however, in the middle east they use them on people …i don't think its that bad to have a dog sniff down anybody who is deamed to be high risk …beats whatever harmful effects body scans may have …i have not heard of any harm caused by dogs except those who may sneeze ..or if you bug the dog too much they may bite

  3. Sounds like the Dutch are doing some hurry up CYA. The guy didn't have a passport, shouldn't that have raised some flags?

    • paid for his ticket in cash and no luggage too ! security deals with so many people they are bound to screw up some times… i remember one time coming accross the border by bus and the canadian agent was giving somebody hell because he had no luggage seems suspicious

  4. Am I mistaken or haven’t all the terrorist threats on aircraft been by Muslims? Just asking.

  5. Might even entice Larry Flint!

  6. so what happens when someone realizes that they have to transport materials internally, like drug smugglers? How are they going to check all of us for that?

  7. Well, we took a trip to Las Vegas last month, and we went through the x ray scanner, and It was the QUICKEST AND MOST EFFICIENT AIRPORT, I have ever been too. An elderly lady was put in a wheelchair, and placed in a closed glass box with a female customs, who in turn treated this elderly lady with the utmost yet EFFICIENT search. You dont like it…. DRIVE… I want to get where I am going without standing around for hours on end….with such a SLOW procedure… the person comments about DOG SNIFFERS…. how will you train the dogs, not to smell mother nature on the ladies??