The NFL links arms with BCE in CRTC rumble

League claims broadcasts can’t be shared with company’s wireless competitors


The National Football League has suited up and joined forces with BCE Inc. in its rumble with the Canadian Radio and Television Commission.

The CRTC ruled in December that BCE—which owns Bell Mobility, CTV and TSN—would not be allowed to restrict its hockey and football broadcasts to its own wireless subscribers.

The NFL, evidently, begs to differ. As reported in the Globe and Mail, the football league is arguing that no wireless providers except BCE can offer its content.

If you’re worried about how this is going to affect your Super Bowl party, don’t be. The NFL’s beef with the CRTC is only for content delivered on mobile devices like smart phones. (The league is refusing to allow Bell to share its NFL broadcasting rights with competitors like Telus, Inc.)

Now, it’s up to the CRTC to decide what to do. The commission can either let it slide, or set up a mad-dog blitz for a federal court ruling. Game on.

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The NFL links arms with BCE in CRTC rumble

  1. Who really cares? The CRTC’s involvement here is not to defend the rights of consumers to view this content, but to defend the rights of two companies to broadcast it. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars to defend companies. Let the NFL go all ‘exclusive’, it only reduces the potential viewership for their sport. A short-sighted position to be sure. As for Bell, who is really going to switch cellphone providers because of viewing content? What the CRTC should be focusing on is the affordability of services to the consumer, not protecting the ‘rights’ of companies.

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