The number of Hudson Bay polar bears comes into question—and another is killed in Newfoundland -

The number of Hudson Bay polar bears comes into question—and another is killed in Newfoundland


The number of polar bears in Hudson Bay is actually much higher than expected and could be growing, according to a survey of the Government of Nunavut. The large aerial survey was conducted in western Hudson Bay, where researchers believe one of the most threatened bear populations live, and counted 1,013 polar bears, significantly more than the 610 other researchers had forecasted, according to the Globe and Mail.

In Newfoundland, however, where polar bear sighting are much less common, a second polar bear was shot dead this week after getting too close to a school in the town of Greespond. The previous bear had been wandering in Goose Cove, a fishing town in northern Newfoundland, killing farm animals and breaking into the kitchen of Damien Reardon, who told the National Post he confronted the animal across the kitchen table, but was able to shoo it away.

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The number of Hudson Bay polar bears comes into question—and another is killed in Newfoundland

  1. Maybe they have fled there from elsewhere.  There also used to be polar bears in the St. Lawrence area too.  Long gone.  Sometimes there are a lot of animals in one place because the space alotted to them is shrinking elsewhere.

  2. Typo – should be Greenspond

  3. No food in their old historic area’s has caused them to migrate. The climate has changed rapidly and so the desimation of our last true north strong and free representitives will also. But alas, there is nothing going on with the climate just ask any conservative political rep. As go the animals, so shall man kind!

    •  they followed the pack ice south, as is their wont, to feed on the hordes of seals provided by protestors..maybe the fishermen unemployed due to seal over-predation will be next…it seems like the bears have figured out where the easy food is…btw, the climate isn’t nearly as warm as it was a thousand years ago when there was NO ice and the NW passage was wide open…or did the goreacle forget to mention that ?

      • A thousand years ago, the climate was cooler. A thousand years ago was the year 1012. There was plenty of ice. Even if you mean 1 million years ago, your statement isn’t accurate. Furthermore, of course the climate has gone through periods of warming and cooling, but for all of recorded history, we haven’t seen temperature changes go this fast, and CO2 levels have never climbed this high before. It’s impossible for animals to adapt at the rate that the climate is changing. We’re venturing into uncharted territory, and among REAL climate scientists, there isn’t any dispute. This is anthropogenic, and denying it is only going to make things worse.

        • Ah we have a geneticist posting. Geneticists of Japanese origin were notoriously present during the Medieval Warming Period so famously erased later from hockey stick graphs.

  4. They’ve come to eat some of the 9-million seals we have.

    Oh joys; I guess the bear situation in Newfoundland & Labrador has become a very “black & white” situation.