The peaceful part of the G20 protest -

The peaceful part of the G20 protest


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The peaceful part of the G20 protest

  1. Thanks for showing these photos – it's good to see what the majority of protesters were like.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of insurgents-in-training (or experienced child murdering insurgents, in the case of those Tiger pieces of filth).

    And then there are the hippies who just can't seem to move out of the sixties and stop protesting 'Nam. Pathetic, burnt out losers desperately trying to keep the summer of lust going.

    About the only group that have a legit case for attention-whoring on a world stage are those Iranian women.

  3. To the lady sporting the Stop promoting population growth sign: Madam, why are you still breathing?

    • Being against the farming of human being doesn't mean that you are pro senseless murder or even suicide.

  4. "60% of mines worldwide are Canadian?"

    Where is that number coming from?..