The Pentagon's looming budget crunch -

The Pentagon’s looming budget crunch

Spending to be cut by $78 billion over 5 years


White House Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced yesterday the Pentagon will cut projected spending by $78 billion over the next five years, as well as reduce the size of the Army and Marines. Increases to the Pentagon’s budget will barely meet inflation rates over the next couple years, and by 2015 and 2016, it will be virtually frozen. The announcement comes after both Democrats and Republicans criticized the defense budget on Capitol Hill, though Gates said actually cutting the $553 billion defense budget would be “risky at best and potentially calamitous,” reported the Washington Post. However, leaders of a bipartisan deficit commission have recommended cutting $100 billion in defense spending by 2015.

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The Pentagon’s looming budget crunch

  1. Too bad these "cuts" will not actually reduce the Defense budget — it will only slow its growth. The country already needs to borrow trillions to cover its budget shortfall every year and it will only get worse as more Boomers retire and social security and health care consume more and more of the budget. Oh, and let's not forget the interest that must be paid on those trillions of debt every year!

  2. The United States has no choice but to make drastic budget cuts. Projections by the Congressional Budget Office show that, in the best case scenario, interest payments on the American debt alone could reach one-sixth of all revenues by 2035. In what is termed their "alternative fiscal scenario" where spending and revenues continue more or less unhindered, interest payments on the debt could reach one-third of all revenues in the next 25 years. Here are the details showing just how dire the fiscal situation is:

    • Thank God Canada doesn't need to make budget cuts, eh?

  3. believe it when i see it– defence is big porkie. it leads to failed foreign policy then bomb people to clear out inventory

    • If anybody believes that the US is going to cut spending for defence, I would like to sell them a $2,000 hammer.

  4. I think the US should crunch the budget a bit more

  5. As long as it's just Billions their talking about then its just a joke. Is that not the amount the Wall Street ex's pay themselfs in bonuses?

  6. Watch Congress repeal Obamacare and cut off funding to the EPA, then they won't have to cut so much from the military.

    • Congress will not repeal Obamacare until it can override a presidential veto. In other words, not in the lifetime of the present Congress. But if Congress is still so hellbent on cutting health benefits to millions of Americans who wouldn't otherwise have them, how about the Congressmen cut their own benefits first? Why, think of the money that would be saved every time they wouldn't have to medivac a Congressman to the naval hospital in Bethesda, Maryland when he has a headache! And since they want the unemployed to volunteer at soup kitchens to receive unemployment benefits, how about they forego not salary increases but salaries and work for free? Oh, there are ways to cut spending!

  7. China gets by on an adequate budget. And why? They don't use a lot of it going around fighting everybody all of the time.

    They spend it on internet infrastructure, for example, and exploit, and leverage peace initiatives, etc. instead.

    In other words, they focus on Smart-War.