The PM, Jason Kenney and a room packed with rabbis




Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave a speech to the Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch to honour the memory of the Lubavitchers killed in the Mumbai Chabad House terrorist attack.



Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, also spoke passionately about the horrific attack.


Peter Kent, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs


Toronto Liberal MP Mario Silva.


Montreal Liberal MP Irwin Cotler (right) with B’nai Brith’s Frank Dimant.



Toronto MP Joe Volpe helps some of the rabbis by taking some snaps for them.


The Chabad Lubavitch rabbis came from across Canada.








The PM, Jason Kenney and a room packed with rabbis

  1. “The PM, Jason Kenney and room packed with rabbis” – sounds like the start of a bad joke :)

  2. Great photos. I especially like numbers 8 and 11 from the top.

  3. Didn’t know rabbis went for those kinds of beards. Except for the young ‘uns, they all could do a stand in for the lads in ZZ Top if they needed a temporary replacement.

    • LMAO – I was thinking exactly that right before I scrolled down and saw your post – makes me wish I could grow a decent beard – mine comes out simply awful. Give these guys a roadster and a couple of fender guitars and we are off to the races.

  4. I think I spotted Zelig.

  5. Good to see the young rabbis too, even if their beards aren’t quite Talmudic.

  6. Why in the world are all the pols wearing kippahs? Did Harper lead them in a shehecheyanu, or what?

  7. I think the photos are great. A very disinguished looking group. The beards – sure look better than Layton’s porn star moustache.

  8. Maybe by next year the Tories will have learned how to pronounce “Chabad Lubavitch”.

  9. Orthodox Chasidic Rabbis grow their beards as a result of their interpretation of biblical law. Not sure it requires people here to poke fun. Uneasy about some of the comments.

    • Truthy Alert: Criticism
      of Israel’s apartheid crimes is ^NOT Anti-Semitism.

  10. Now i understand why Kenney and the right-wing turned George Galloway away. Are the neo-Conservatives now in fear of a Canadian version of AIPAC. Harper’s denial of free speech using the cynical ploy of a “threat to National Security” (in what way was he a threat?) proves Lincoln’s warning about the greatest danger to democracy is from within”. Canada’s great traditions of tolerance and free-speech are being attacked by a cynical fear of one man’s words. We are truly in danger of fascism. Good thing I’m leaving before a full police state is imposed.

  11. How humiliating tp see supposed Gentiles posing as “honourary” Jews to solicit Zionist support.

    • Truthy Alert: Criticism
      of Israel’s apartheid crimes is ^NOT Anti-Semitism.

      Why is Canada’s right-wing Bush-lite Prime Minister Stephen
      Harper *SO* fanatical about supporting Israel bombing innocent Palestinian
      civilians? What’s the secret agenda at
      work here?

      ‎Surprise! It’s money: Canada does ONE BILLION DOLLARS of trade with
      Israel annually. Most of it military. It’s always about the money eh?

      At the 5:30 mark.


  12. I just heard a rumour online and wanted to run it past you.

    repost from XXXXX-XXX – Hey. That
    piece you posted on Baird/Thornhill riding?

    Heard from a CBC investigator pal
    that a person in that group, high up as a penchant for young boys in his
    rabbinical circle.

    Very young boys

    They’ve covered it up

    So you’re not wrong

    Just thought you should know


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