The politicization of the pandemic

Opposition MPs call a summer meeting on H1N1


Conservative MPs were just trying to enjoy their summer vacations; but the opposition has thrown a kink in those plans, recalling a parliamentary committee to study the swine flu epidemic. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq is not pleased: “They don’t need to recall a parliamentary committee meeting in the middle of summer,” she explained to reporters, claiming the opposition is simply trying to “play politics.” Opposition MPs say they
called the meeting because they were dissatisfied with the government’s ability to deal with a possible H1N1 resurgence in the fall. But Aglukkaq
says it was an unnecessary political ploy, noting that more than 20 news conferences on swine flu have occurred since the spring. The federal government has approved a $926,600 agreement with the International Centre for Infections Diseases in Winnipeg, which will develop strategies for
fighting the pandemic.

Canadian Press

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The politicization of the pandemic

  1. Heaven forbid MPs would work in the summer! This is a travesty!

  2. She is spot on correct – the opposition critics have weekly briefings with her (which is almost unheard of) as well any and all information requested is delivered pronto (15 out of 18 questions!!!) – so what's left and did anyone else watch the meeting on CPAC because as far as I am concerend all I saw were oppostion MP's trying their level best but failing miserably to get their name in a headline and as far as I could see any of the so called important issues to address either have already been according to the Chief Public Health guy (David Butler-Jones I think) who by the way seems to be the only in the room doing their job .. good on Leona for getting back to work after an hour waste repeating what was already released … that was perfect! way to go Leona just earned a poltical cookie from me.

  3. If you think Leona wasn't told to say this you're dreaming in technicolor. They don't even trust her to do photo-ops. A number of them have annonced her as the keynote and then slipped in some other backbencher to pinch hit. She's just not up to the job, and her boss, though her, is the one playing political games.