The politics of aid to Gaza -

The politics of aid to Gaza

How Hamas exploits shortages


Since retreating from Gaza in the summer of 2005, Israel has enforced strict economic sanctions on the territory. After Israel’s attack early this week on a flotilla trying to run the blockade, the hardships faced by Palestinians in Gaza have become a focus of world outrage. Yet this story, from Germany’s Der Spiegel, shows how Hamas often slows and blocks aid shipments. The autocratic rulers of Gaza make sure supporters of their rivals, the Fatah party, get little or nothing. Hamas supporters are rewarded with ample aid goods. As well, Hamas demands that shipments be delivered in their entirety, rather than bit by bit, to ensure the building materials are handed over. Israel tries to stop cement and steel from getting in because Hamas can use them for rebuilding military facilities. Like everything in the Middle East, the situation is far from straightforward.

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The politics of aid to Gaza

  1. What is the source of this inside scoop on the politics of aid in Gaza? The Israelis have lied about their behavior during the raid and posted four year old photos as the contents of flotilla. I certainly hope they aren't providing your "inside scoop."

  2. I'm glad that at least 2 Canadian media outlets are not being blinded by the rhetoric and the casual use of the word "Freedom". Turkey is now a pro-Islamic terrorist state with strong ties to multiple terror groups.

    When will people start thinking for themselves and realize Israel is the only true democratic state in the middle east, our last best hope for peace in the region, and only uses force to defend itself!

  3. Speigel Online: What do you mean by " The autocratic rulers of Gaza". Hamas was democratically elected. If not for the mother of all autocratic rulers: the colonial despotic British, French, and USRAEL, Palestine would be the same as it was for centuries: an idyllic agrarian society, an advanced culture of art and education, and valuable trade partner with its neighbors. Speigel Online: What about the political and economic crises in Middle East is not straightforward? Again, it is one colonial empire after another taking away the sovereignty and autonomy from the Arab states and territories, thus denying the liberty, civil and human rights, and self-determination guaranteed in the constitutions of those empires. Now credit the empire of USRAEL with causing every episode of crisis in the Middle East. Your eyes cannot be shut so tight, yet you can be so brainwashed and bought into the imperialist brutality of USRAEL. Speigel Online: Zionist, imperialist pig media!

    • war is usually a very cloudy, messy affair, and things are never so cut and dried. your view point is one of a simple minded activist who revels in being part of the self righteousness of whatever the 'hip' movement of the period is, whether it be pacifism, environment, or antisemitism.

  4. Israel democratic, ha! Thieves, liars, murders, war criminals: imperialists are never democratic.

  5. So, Zionist Israel, the Jewish state is democratic, not autocratic. Get out of here! George Orwell is rolling in utter astonishment.

  6. Zionist and British, French and U.S.imperialist terror: the mother of all so-called Islamic terror, which is actually resistance: self-determination.

    Those who fling around propaganda such as "pro-Islamic terrorist state" are the warmongers who want really to destroy the world as they destroy themselves with their hatred, intolerance, and greed.

    • Yes and they project their "hatred" in these countries by doing zionist imperialist things like improving access to clean water, open markets, and free schooling.

  7. What is democratic about the IDF boarding ships in territorial waters, killing some of the passengers, and then holding and brutalizing the rest in detention? Israel is a pseudo-democratic garrison state: USRAEL.

  8. It's easy to talk about democracy and human rights when you are not the one who is being attacked and shot at.

  9. Wow David, talk about eyes being shut and being brainwashed. Here is the economist's Index of Democracy. I know you probably won't look at it because like any Palestine supporter you probably think all statistics are run by Israeli loving imperialists, and know amount of logic or facts will ever make you admit that you're wrong, but here is the link anyways

    Notice Israel at the 47th rank, now compare that to Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia (hint its at the bottom)

    Oddly enough those are all countries that have attacked Israel in the past.

    • Please note entries past rank 27 are described as flawed democracies. Of the 46 that rank ahead of Israel many have serious corruption and influence peddling problems. Beacon of democracy my posterior. Israel is a cosmetic democracy and is in fact a theocracy hiding behind a semblance of democracy. It is a an apartheid regime abusing and oppressing its indigenous population with impunity.

  10. Really?
    Name me one Hamas, "Military Facility", let alone one that has been rebuilt? Christ! The Zionists blow Canadian UN OBSERVERS to hell do they really think we are all that stupid we'd believe Hamas has anything made of wood let alone cement and steel?
    This smacks LOUDLY of YET ANOTHER, planted Israeli story…you know…the kind that show up REGULARLY in Canadian magazines, TV and newspapers.
    I call B.S.

    • Incidentally, Macleans does double disservice on this one. The story ends with the comment that for things to change, Israel has to lift the blockade (aka playing two ends against the middle).

  11. Wow! What can one say… the creators of such articles should start listening to one of their own!

    Zbigniew Brzezinski at the Council of Foreign relations in Montreal earlier this year: "…for the first time in all of human history mankind is politically awakened-that is a total new reality- it has not been so for most of human history."

    The whole world is not just made of western countries, they only make about one fifth of the world's population. The rest of us are who the above comment is referring to1

  12. Government of ISRAEL acts as a US-sponsored thug and is a real outlaw who wants to establish its ZIONIST rule all over the globe without discrimination. No human can ever find any just reason to support her barbaric actions towards oppressed Palestinians. Arab states are equally responsible for these atrocities in Israeli occupied regions for not raising their genuine concern about the plight of Palestinian people and by hiding their heads in sand. May be they are waiting for Israel to hide their whole body under sand to end the story.

  13. It seems that a vast majority of the world have an intense hatred for Jews in general and the State of Israel in particular.
    This is quite strange to me because God loves the Jews and Israel. In fact, He loves them very much. In fact He loves the Jews so much that He calls them His Chosen People and he gave the land of Israel to them as an everlasting inheritance.
    In fact He loves them so very, very much that according to Christian tradition, He willed it that His Son, Jesus, be born a Jew, live his entire life as a Jew, and die as a Jew, and was resurrected as a Jew.
    Now, most people claim to love God and fear god; yet they hate those whom God loves intensely.
    Is there any rational explanation for this very strange phenomenon?

  14. I'm amazed at the amount of biased reporting. Those lining up on the left-and this constitutes the vast majority re Israel/Hamas, are prepared to accept accounts in which highly important points have been omitted. For example the most important point in the recent situation is that Israel asked that ships report to a port in either Israel or Egypt for inspection. The vast majority found this acceptable except one-the Turks, who were intent on creating a useful crisis.