The politics of Nickelback

Why their Juno wins repulse so many


Nickelback, a group that excites large passions on both sides of the critical divide, took three of the top awards last night, including group and album of the year. How can they be so hated AND so beloved? According to the Calgary Herald’s Heath McCoy, “Nickelback represents a class war that exists in rock. In that eternal struggle of art rock elitism versus populist simplicity and escape, Nickelback are proudly low brow. And, in today’s heavily polarized, politicized world, that pushes people’s buttons.” Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger sums it up in his own inimitable style thusly: “We do appeal to the blue-collar working class,” Kroeger once told the Herald. “The beer-drinking, pump-your-fist-in-the-air type whose favourite part of a rock show is the explosions . . . We are those people, and we want to write the kind of songs you can do that to.”


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The politics of Nickelback

  1. It’s almost as if Nickleback is the Britney Spears of rock music…. pumping out the radio-friendly garbage that everyone scoffs at, yet secretly find themselves humming along with.

  2. Google “How you remind me of someday” and notice the complete and utter lack of originality (or maybe duplicating your own song to different words is, in some strange, twisted sense, original.)

  3. I don’t buy this argument for one second. What do you want to bet their are thousands of people across Canada who love AC/DC but despise Nickelback?

  4. “favourite part of a rock show is the explosions”

    This says it all. When you deliberately aim your product at this demographic, chances are you’re not going to get any critical acclaim (Junos aside).

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