The pop star expresses 'shock and sadness' and calls for 'meaningful legislation' -

The pop star expresses ‘shock and sadness’ and calls for ‘meaningful legislation’


The ruthless world of tabloid photography has taken another victim. TMZ reports that Hollywood paparazzo Chris Guerra was killed yesterday in Los Angeles, while tailing Justin Bieber’s Ferrari. The 29-year-old photographer was hit by oncoming traffic when, after seeing Bieber’s car get pulled over by police, he walked onto the street hoping to get a shot of the Canadian pop-superstar. Guerra had been tailing Bieber all day when he saw the singer’s car leave the Beverly Hills Four Seasons.

While Bieber was not present at the accident – his car was being driven by friends – the 18-year old released a statement today expressing his “shock and sadness” and calling for “meaningful legislation” to protect tabloid photographers and their subjects. No charges have been issued against the driver of the vehicle which struck and killed the photographer.


The pop star expresses ‘shock and sadness’ and calls for ‘meaningful legislation’

  1. “Meaningful legislation?” I’m pretty sure jaywalking is already a crime. Everybody’s mother tells them to look both ways before crossing the street. But I doubt any member of the paparazzi ever listened to a thing their mother told them.

  2. I’m told that Guerra was among the worst of them. There has to be limits on these people. They are not journalists. They are business people pursuing profits at the expense of the privacy of anyone in the public eye. Now, some person who was innocently driving down the street has to live his or her life knowing they accidentally killed a human being and almost certainly face legal hassles that will go on for years. Damn! I really wanted to see the picture of some kid getting a ticket!