The Pope? At Buckingham Palace?

Benedict XVI to make first-ever official papal visit to Britain


The Pope will come to Britain next year, marking the first state visit by a pontiff. He is expected to meet the Queen, the Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and may stay at Buckingham Palace. The historic event, expected for September, is likely to overshadow even the triumphant pastoral visit of Pope John Paul II in 1982—which almost did not take place because of the Falklands conflict. The pontiff will meet the Prime Minister in a series of events over three days, which it is hoped will finally consign to the past Britain’s post-Reformation legacy of anti-Catholic prejudice. Gordon Brown extended an invitation during an audience in February and preparations have been under way for some time.

The Times

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The Pope? At Buckingham Palace?

  1. They'd better watch him closely. He's the ultimate "Papist".

  2. I don't think that's likely that Britain will put anti-catholicism behind them. The more progressive you are as an Anglican, the more likely you are to hate the papacy and Catholics in general.

    Sure there are still old guard puritans around, but the real venemous bile comes from "the emerging church".

  3. pope…. who and what does he do and does he have a job description? and why cant a pope be a lady?…beside walking around in white robes all day long acting like someone special…

  4. The papacy and monarchy are remnants of the Dark Ages.

  5. Re: The 2010 UK visit of Josef Ratsinger.
    Both ecumenical heads – Rome and Canterbury are operating a deceit by advancing so called unity in flagrant denial of their own respective (immutable) doctrines. Rome has urged through the World Council of Churches a moratorium on cross proselytisation among the 'Christian' groups; yet has designs to Re-Romanise England (so called Mary's dowry). This is highly disingenuous from a man who sports the title, 'His Holiness'.
    The Post-Vat 2 'Pontiff's' are not only misrepresenting conservative Catholics, but making false overtures to those who deem themselves Protestant. Which Rowan Williams is not a bona fide representative.

    Neither is Josef Ratsinger a welcome guest of True Christian believers in England nor Rowan Williams in anyway represent those Bible believers.
    We have no truck with either of them. What communion has light with darkness. What accord has Christ with Belial.
    Prime Minister Gordon Brown has shot himself in the foot by making such a cordial welcome.

    Tony Beasley Ex-Catholic

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