“The prime minister will not be playing hockey against Mr. Putin”

PMO denies plans for hockey game opposing Harper and Putin


Despite published reports to the contrary, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no plans to face off against Russia’s Vladimir Putin in a game commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Summit Series. The Toronto Star purportedly revealed on Monday that the prime ministers would lace them up at a game in Moscow on September 7 and a second time in Toronto later that same month, but a spokesperson for Harper says no such plans are in the works. “The story is false,” PMO spokesperson Andrew MacDougall told the Canadian Press. “The prime minister will not be playing hockey against Mr. Putin.”

CBC News

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“The prime minister will not be playing hockey against Mr. Putin”

  1. Can Harper really skate? And I’m not kidding here, I’m of the understanding his asthma and physical awkwardness kept him from playing any organized sport of any kind. He’s a tremendous fan though.

    • I believe Steve’s skating skills are as well-established as his respect for the environment.

  2. Chubby Steven would simply make himself look foolish; he would be much better served spending his time, figuring out how not to spend our tax dollars and return them to us.

  3. I’d much rather see Obama play one-on-one basketball against Putin.

  4. Harper turtles.

  5. This comment was deleted.

    • Spam alert.

  6. Ya… I bet he won’t, he wouldn’t play hockey against Portia Simpson-Miller of Jamaica either.

    Being physically challenged is not a reflection on his ability to do his job however he does seem to be severely challenged in many other areas that are required of someone that allegedly represents the people of Canada.

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