The prime minister's is 'the only job I'm after' -

The prime minister’s is ‘the only job I’m after’

Ignatieff denies report he’s pondering a move back to academia


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has forcefully denied a Toronto Star report claiming he is considering leaving politics to return to the academic world. “Do I look like someone who is campaigning for any other job than to be prime minister of the country?” Ignatieff said on the third day of his summer-long bus tour of Canada. “I’m having fun. I’m enjoying myself. This is the only job I’m after. This is the only job I’m seeking.” Citing unnamed sources “in both political and academic circles [who] say overtures were informal,” the report alleged Ignatieff could leave the Liberals to replace Janice Gross Stein as head of the University of Toronto’s prestigious Munk School of Global Affairs. But Ignatieff says there’s no truth whatsoever to the speculation: “[Star columnist] Jim Travers is a good journalist, but he’s starting to write fiction here … I really don’t know where he got it from.”

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The prime minister’s is ‘the only job I’m after’

  1. This is a little too convenient for the CPC. I really hope it isn't a whisper campaign.

    • I suspected this too, but the Toronto Star is the most reliably Liberal paper in the country.

      Of course, if the Conservatives were planning to spread disinformation, finding a way to spread it to the Star is the best way to make it seem convincing.

    • My first suspicion was that this was indeed a whisper campaign, but by anti-Ignatieff Liberals, not the CPC.

      • That's interesting. You mean an attempt to sabotage his leadership, even at the cost of an election, so that a rival can take over?

        • Exactly. I have zero proof of course, but just enough cynicisn to think it's possible.

          I recall during the Dion days that there were often "anonymous Liberal insiders" who talked about wanting to just get an election over with so Dion could lose and they could find a new leader.

  2. Yet another example of journalists on the political beat manufacturing a cycle of news. Instead of reporting what a politician IS doing, they speculate about what the politician MIGHT do.

    Don't bother with sources or evidence ("others" making "informal overtures" will suffice for Mr. Travers). Then spend the next several hundred words pontificating on "what it all means", with a small mention that the politician and his staff have all categorically denied your non-story (but you published it anyway).

    Then you get to watch the news cycle you've created take over for the next 24 hours or so … at your outlet and others'. Other media outlets pick it up, citing you and your non-source as a source. They republish the denials. This is followed by stories speculating about divisions or distention in the party ranks and more "what it all means".

    That's a lot of coverage based on innuendo and speculation … but it isn't news and it's nowhere close to being journalism.

    Worse, it denies readers the opportunity to learn about what the politician did do and did say, or even provide a point of view on such things. I guess it's just easier to roll up to the laptop and write Atwood-like speculative fiction, knowing full well that no Editor in this country will fact-check or verify a source for an article written as an opinion piece.

    Sad days for journalism.

    • The CPC has had that for years, suck it up

    • Amateur Hour….hence the state of jouralism in this country. Fair and balanced? I think not.

      I suspect there are those in the Liberal party who are afraid that Ignatieff may improve his numbers and that is the last thing they want to see happen eh Bob Rae.

      • Answering one wild speculation with another?

        That's rich.

      • Bob Rae will be one among many reasons why the Liberals are losing respect.

  3. It would be a little shocking if the UofT did not make some attempt to land Ignatieff, so the fact that his name came up is no surprise.

    • Stewart, You are right on. Why wouldn't UofT go after Ignatieff? The timing is good and he'd help raise the profile of the program. It's a win all around, including for Mr. Ignatieff. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he has already given UofT a tentative reply, with the obvious caveat that it depends on the results of the election, whenever it happens

      • Well, I would not have expected any reply from Ignatieff at all beyond stating the obvious that the Munk School is an important resource in Canada. That said, I would not expect Ignatieff to be the least bit interested in developing an "exit strategy", it simply is not in keeping with the way he has previously operated. Also to go into any academic position (even heading the Munk School) would be a step backwards from what he has done in the past. I have no idea what he will do, if Harper should win either a majority or a very stable minority in the next election, but I don't think it will be retreating to his past.

  4. He should take the job now. That would be bad news for Harper in that the libs might pull a candidate with some strength out of their bench.

    • Like who? they have nobody.Bobby Rae, not a chance.They have nobody, they needed to rebuild and they didn't do that.

    • arturolexo… are joking eh? Who would the next messiah be? Bob Rae? Ralph Goodale? Marlene Jennings?

      • Don't forget about the rumors that JC is coming back, that would seal the coffin for the Liberals if the try to pull that one!
        They really have no one. Need to reinvent the party.

        • Jean Charet? A guy who believed that Alberta owed them more in equalization payment for luring a number of Quebecers out from their province? That would really be a hoot. If he does come back to the Federal scene, he will realize that the media, which constantly talk about his so called appeal in the rest of Canada, are just so out of sync – just like him.

      • I think Dominc Leblanc would make a very credible candidate.

        • I do agree with you 100% but they have start from a clean slate, to make the party strong, the right way!

      • According to the Liberal Party's tradition, it's the turn for a francophone. Denis Coderre anyone?

        • In my imagination, I just moved out of the country.

          • I wonder if Dominic Leblanc will try to use this card?

        • You've all missed the obvious choice for nostalgic Liberals…Justin Trudeau.

          No it doesn't make any sense…but neither did Dion or appointing Iggy.

          • Oh MY God!!!!! You're right. Iggy was seen by some as the next Trudeau. Justin actually is the next Trudeau.

            But wait, maybe we can argue that Justin's mother is anglophone and his father was half anglophone so he's really anglo??? Please tell me Justin's not in line to replace Ignatieff. Please. It makes me want to do whatever it takes to keep Ignatieff in his job.

    • I heard Jim Carrey is interested in coming back to Canada…he could be a contender…

  5. He would be better suited, and he would have a pension.I still think he will go back to the US, he likes it there.

    • Steve…..I agree. Ignatieff will go back to the United States. It is much more cosmpolitan and more elitist than us rubes who live in Canada.

      • I think he has a better job offer, thats why he will go back to the US.

      • You think. Wow – like you really know. The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions – in your case what you want to believe.


        • Hey, don't spoil our fun…we're all having fun with this one.

  6. Note that the original article in the Star is full of conditional statements i.e. "he's being touted", "if the next election doesn't go well" etc. It must be a slow news day.

    Basically, Mr. Ignatieff could also end up serving ice cream cones at the Dairy Queen; it's somewhat less likely, but should it happen, you heard it first here and not in the Star.

  7. Apparently Ignatieff also denied rumours that he is becoming a professional porn star, a cooking show host, a woman or writing a children's book about the imperitus of societies to allow individuals to abscond themselves without punitory actions.

    • then again who knows … just maybe Traverse and crew are gettin chummy with Bobby R and his people = know what I mean? – talk about a Rovian possibility would make harper pay attention

    • porn star? i doubt it, a long nose does not a porn star make

  8. Ottawa_Centrist…….perhaps he should. His poll numbers may go up because clearly he is in the wrong profession.

    However, the Travers column this morning is what is clearly wrong with the Canadian media. This has been played out time and again when it comes to the Conservatives but for the uber Liberal Travers to be wildly speculating is something new. Perhaps the Star has decided to throw Ignatieff under its magical mystery bus given his performance as leader and near panic that Harper may win a majority next time out.

    I thought there were standards imposed on journalists in this country. I guess not. Anything said or even not said is fair game as long as the media's ideological agenda is met.

  9. Hmmm….I bet Harper, Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe have all had offers from time to time.

    This is hardly a story nor is it important.

  10. As Shakespeare said, something like " Go not upon the order of yoour going -just GO!"

  11. It took a fair bit of Google-Newsing yesterday to tease out anything about Ignatieff's policy discussions. Yeah, the bus blew a gasket – hmpf – and yeah, the guy with the garage in Cornwall goes by the name Harper – guffaw – and yeah, there was a pig on a sign at a Kingston restaurant – snicker, snicker.

    But I did wade through the media morass to find out that (A) he wants to blow our money on sending old kids and young adults out of the country because apparently they don't do that already and (B) he wants to blow MORE of our money on the arts and the CBC.

    So maybe the media wretches are doing the Liberals a favour by talking about the bus, the mechanic, the pig, and now the (alleged and denied) soft landing in the works. Not doing us consumers a favour, mind…

    • He also believes that is a very rich country, so we should do more to finance the world. So many plans, from Universal world field trips to World's abortion …Can you imagine the tax burden once they get into office? This Guy makes it sound like it rains and snows money in Canada. What Bob Rae did to Ontario pale in comparison.

  12. this whole thing is just way too easy for us Tories. Look folks let's be honest the headline says it all = Iggy says the only job he wants to go for is PM .. This is PRECISELY the problem – he has a job right now that he is not doing well whatsoever and it's called ' Leader of the Liberal Party ' and the official opposition and if you ask me I don't think he wants the job as he certainly has not done a very good job of it so far so why on earth is anyone surprised when his own people try to frag him. Case Closed!

  13. Well then Iggy. Be prepared to be unemployed soon!

  14. Mr Ignatieff can't shy away from absolutes and ultimatums can he? The laden rhetoric and subsequent lashings for not following through are bound to rile up detractors and former supporters alike.

  15. Poor students and poor parents, another out of reality professor. Well, there is University of Ottawa, and Univeristy of Regina to choose from.