The Queen has landed and she’s brought Prince Philip too -

The Queen has landed and she’s brought Prince Philip too

Nine-day tour of Canada began this afternoon at the Garrison Grounds in Halifax


Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were greeted by royal watchers with umbrellas as they landed in heavy rain in Halifax this afternoon at 2:20 p.m. AT. Later today they will participate in a “walkabout,” and a Mi’kmaq cultural event. Tomorrow they are scheduled to visit visit Halifax harbour to mark the Navy’s 100th anniversary. The royal couple will stop in Ottawa for Canada Day, before flying to Winnipeg on Saturday and Toronto on Sunday.

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The Queen has landed and she’s brought Prince Philip too

  1. if there is a definite need to respect the remaining descendants of the original peoples in a political sense these people should be the first ones to greet her and possibly ask her to make some arrangements as to allowing them to be freed from the continuous paternalism of the reservations the indian act/act indian and other archaic legislation! this would be a first!

    • There are no Mi'kmaq reservations as the last full bloods died out years ago , what is being served up as Mi'kmaq is metis at best, with re-invented ways borrowed from nearby native cultures.They would be more honest to recognize their Scots ,French or Irish backgrounds, It is the culture of those backgrounds that they enjoy today..

      • …you are possibly right and guess it pays to have a visible cultural identity which is what they are pandering to or membership on a reservation which has its perks and reason for so much hate and immature jealousy! a sign this country will never be mature, savvy, peaceful,united, strong and with a modicum of class…not with a supposed queen as the head of the systemic bigotry….there has to be respect given to the reservations and its people (or abolish these remnants of cruel and unusual punishment) it is like a way of repentance and apology for the gross and hateful abuse these people have endured! and of course some take advantage of this predicament to their financial advantage… many do not admire the way she frowns or looks down on others i think that is disgusting and not very regal…. she will never be my queen…but if she is your queen then bless you with holy water and incense!!!