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Welcome back to the Maclean’s Quiz, a weekly diversion designed to test your trivia skills. Each instalment is designed by quizmaster Terrance Balazo, who has been writing and hosting trivia nights in Toronto for the past seven years. While this second edition contains a random, progressively more challenging selection of questions, future quizzes may reflect current events, or be seasonally themed. Good luck, and remember: no Internet assistance allowed.

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Twitter: @A_R_Trivia
GMail: anotherroundtrivia@gmail.com 

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The Quiz

    • Hah! I guessed wrong on more than you!

  1. In what sense were aircraft carriers first utilized in the Battle of the Coral Sea? Aircraft carriers have been around since WW I.

  2. Answer to MLB active player with most hits is Ichiro Suzuki not Derek Jeter

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