The Quiz: Special Rob Ford edition -

The Quiz: Special Rob Ford edition

We test your trivia skills on the world’s most infamous mayor


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The Quiz: Special Rob Ford edition

  1. Another question: Who is winnng in the media’s war against Rob Ford?

    Hint: It’s a quagmire!

    The media have exhausted their last reserves of credibility.

    • Really? Are you going to tell us Harper and the Fords are the credible ones?

    • “The Media”. Do you imagine one entity called “The Media”, an organization perhaps? A conspiracy? A worldwide plot to get Rob Ford/

      Paranoia is one of the sise effects of crack cocaine, Mr. Mayor.

    • Hi Rob. How ya doing?


    [More than 40% of Toronto voters still approve of the job Mayor Rob Ford has done and one-third of them would vote for him again, even after he admitted smoking crack cocaine and city council stripped him of much of his authority.

    A Forum Research survey of 1,049 Toronto voters released on Friday showed that 42% of respondents approve of the job Ford has been doing as mayor.

    That’s down from 44% in a similar poll two weeks ago, but up from 39% in late October, just before Ford admitted he smoked crack cocaine while in office.] excerpt from the article.

    Voters don’t vote with their heads but with their hearts. They like Rob so they will vote for Rob, never mind his lousy legislative record or his position on issues. Voting is emotional not rational. Any real estate agent will admit that buyers choose the house they ‘love’ when, in fact, they have no idea what they are buying. They make the most important decision of their lives by responding to their emotions.

    That is precisely what voters do, and Rob Ford will exploit that when he runs again. He will argue that, as soon as he was defanged, the budget went to hell in a handcart, despite the fact that it hadn’t a hope of balancing under his direction either. He did what Harper did; Rob lowered revenues but failed to pay for the reduced revenues by lowering costs. Let’s face it; Rob and Stephen deserve each other.

    The problem isn’t the politician who exploits voters. The problem is voters who allow themselves to be exploited. It’s like Leaf fans, who sell out the Air Canada Centre for a marginal team every year, making that team the richest franchise in the NHL. Why expect the team to spend money on better players, when the house is sold out every night with second raters? Ford Nation, like Leaf Nation, are not thinking. Maybe they are too stoned, drunk, or brainwashed to realise what they are doing. If Ford returns to power, it will be on their ignorance; he will ride a tide of outright stupidity and they will deserve what they get.

    • I really wish people would get their stats and sources in check. The statistics about Ford’s support have been bastardized beyond recognition. A poll of Ford Supporters becomes ‘a poll of Toronto Residents’. Was it random? Did it sample across all Toronto areas or just Scarborough, Etobicoke or East York? Ask these questions, people. Be critical of the bloody statistics being thrown around supporting claims that he still has his support base. Read the statistics of who ‘Ford Nayshun’ really is…