The real reason Sarah Palin quit

Conservative columnist says it’s just too easy to investigate her ethics


Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist John Fund says that the mainstream (non-conservative) media is missing the real story of why Sarah Palin is resigning. He explains that the true reason is that Palin’s life has been ruined by Freedom Of Information Act requests and ethics investigations: because Alaska’s transparency laws allow anyone to request information about a politician, and make it easy to file an ethics complaint, she has been involved in a “bureaucratic quagmire” of investigations, making it impossible for her to do her job. While Fund’s allegation that she is under FBI investigation has been denied by the FBI, Fund paints a sad picture of a patriotic governor destroyed by the evil enemies who insist on making her file paperwork and cooperate with investigations. As a friend of Palin’s tells the columnist, “the Alaska ethics elves had painted such a target on Sarah’s forehead that she had begun turning down pretty much every invitation she got.” That’s what’s really destroying America: ethics.

The Wall Street Journal

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The real reason Sarah Palin quit

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  2. The same superstar that brought us the " Canada in danger of falling to Third World status " canard.

    It was useful to believe him then. Why not now ?

  3. What is killing America is the fascist tendancies of the far left led by Pres. Obama.