The rise of Rotman -

The rise of Rotman


Ok, it was one thing when last weekend’s NYT had a glowing story about Roger Martin’s innovative approach to business school at Rotman. But today, Martin has a column in the Daily Beast of all places, arguing that there’s really no way for politicians to keep Wall Street from giving itself the bonuses it wants.  Good things come in threes. What’s next, an appearance on the Colbert Report?

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The rise of Rotman

  1. There's gonna be a hole in the NBC schedule when Conan walks.

  2. Schulich School of Business was doing all the touchy-feely stuff besides the Finance and Accounting from years ago.

    Rotman, Ivey and Queen's are just for stuffed shirts and future banker boys.

  3. I worked at Ivey and you could see this coming from a mile away. They just wouldn't make any changes until it was too late, becuase, hey man, we're Ivey! Rotman's biggest asset is that the Dean himself is able to represent the school well by playing the role of public intellectual/guru in addition improving the overall design of the schools academic programs. Ivey was headed by Larry Tapp who, while well respected in the much narrower Canadian corporate governance and manufacturing circles, is not a public intellectual and now Carol Stephenson who had a long career at… Bell Canada. Oh, she's on the board of Government Motors now too. Nuff said.

    Martin once filed an op-ed from Davos talking about what he had heard there. About the same time Ivey was getting advice from consultants (likely educated at Ivey) on how to belatedly make its MBA competitive again by moving to a single 12 month cycle.

  4. I've always loved how the names of Canada's big B-schools could be seen as heterographs-

    Shulich = Shoe Lick

    Rotman = Take a guess