The rumour that won’t die


Foghorn Dreghorn, TSN’s “Insider,” reports that the Habs are still interested in landing Sundin, and suggests the Leafs are shopping the rights to the big galoot in advance of tonight’s draft. So what price the privilege of negotiating with Shrek II over the week before the July 1 signing deadline? 

Couple of thoughts: if Montreal is indeed talking to Sundin’s agent, it’s with a view to confirming A.) whether Sundin plans to play next year B.) that they can reach wink-wink nudge-nudge agreement with him before they give the Leafs anything good.

If the answers to the foregoing are yes—and that’s a big if—Bob Gainey would still be ill-advised to relinquish his 25th overall pick tonight. Or that handful of magic beans Cliff Fletcher wants. Sundin just doesn’t have that many miles left on him. The Leafs, meanwhile, would be crazy to let Sundin go to a team in their own division without getting something very valuable in return. Bad enough the Habs’ host broadcaster, RDS, nabbed the Hockey Night theme from the CBC, the Leafs de facto host broadcaster. Imagine their fans’ reaction to watching their former captain beat the crap out of them eight times next year…

So don’t bet your mule on this one.

In other pre-draft news … the Sens are dispensing with problem child Ray Emery, chucking him on waivers and preparing to buy him out. Moral of the story, kids, is get to practice on time, keep your stick on the ice, and always lease—never buy—your big white Hummer.


The rumour that won’t die

  1. The Leafs don’t need Sundin now that they’ve picked up Jamal Mayers. He’s going to carry us to the promise land, or at least carry Wellwood to the rink while he eats a big ol’ pile of tasty doughnuts.

  2. Sure, it’d be crazy to trade your star to a division rival. But this is the Leafs. They invented, fine-tuned and mastered crazy. Come to think of it, it’s the perfect place for Ray Emery.

  3. If the Leafs sign Ray emery I’m holding you personally responsible Campbell.

  4. So wait, it’s bad that Cliff Fletcher is trying to get something, anything for Sundin, even though he will be a free agent in a week and a half and could go to Montreal with the Leafs getting nothing in return?

  5. The only other option Sundin faces is playing with the Leafs wearing a paper bag on his head. The rumours of Koivu courting Selanne to sign with Les Habs would really create a ‘win now’ lineup in Montreal. Because there would be no tomorrow.

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