The Salvation Army invades the Hill -

The Salvation Army invades the Hill


The Salvation Army hit the Hill and schmoozed with MPs. Below, Justin Trudeau arrives at the reception.



Minister of Public Safety Peter Van Loan.


Conservative MP Mike Wallace (right).


The Salvation Army invades the Hill

  1. The leadership woes of the Liberal Party are such that many are now actually looking to Justin Trudeau to become the Moses figure to bring the Liberals to the Promised Land of Political Power.

    Even Chantal Hébert agrees that he has to be among the list of potential Liberal leaders-in-waiting. Not that she's bowled over or anytthing. Here's what she said about Justin in one of her columns last month:

    "So far, a leadership bid on Trudeau's part would be based on name recognition, not leading-edge substance."

    Justin Trudeau is very much his mother's son, charming and heart in the right place to be sure, but anyone searching for substance in this young man will be sorely disappointed.

    The only part of Chantal's assessment I can't agree with are the words "so far". They betray an optimism that Justin's track record doesn't justify. I defy anyone to come up with one speech or interview which contains anything close to resembling something substantive. I've heard many of them and they invariably contain a string of vapid platitudes.

    • I note, 13 hours after posting the above comment: no takers to my challenge of a Justin Trudeau speech that actually transcended the vapid hash that I've come to expect from The Great White Hope.

      • He's a pretty new MP, jarrid. Just because he's got a famous political name doesn't mean he's had any more opportunity to distinguish himself on the Hill more than any other new MP.

        Mine is Ray Boughen. Can you tell me any great speeches he's given, or if he should be a contender to replace steve?

        Your extreme partisian is showing, jarrid, and it's neither pretty nor fair. The guy's at a fund raiser. What's your problem with that?

  2. Serving as Justin's staff photograpfer again Mitchel?

  3. God, Van Loan's hideous. Lose some weight and get a decent razor, honourable member.

    • Merry Christmas Tiggy!

    • Personal insults are unnecessary, until you are elected an MP anyways…

  4. Does anyone besides Justin Trudeau attend these events or is he the only person Mitchel Raphael is allowed to photograph?