The sorry state of Quebec's Inuit children -

The sorry state of Quebec’s Inuit children

Province’s child welfare agency called in to investigate abuse involving 30 per cent of kids


La Presse’s Agnès Gruda writes a very sobering piece about Quebec’s Inuit population, chock full of ghastly statistics: la Direction de la protection de la jeunesse (DPJ), the province’s child welfare agency, has investigated allegations of abuse in 30 per cent of Inuit children—half of which are under the age of five. The majority of the complaints are for gross negligence, and 16 percent are for sexual abuse. The problem is exacerbated, Gruda writes, by the lack of DPJ staff in the area and the reticence of Inuit leaders to place the children in foster care.

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The sorry state of Quebec’s Inuit children

  1. One has to look deeper into this huge complex issue before quick conclusions are made. It is a huge indicator on the present status but just the tip of a huge iceberg.

  2. I am a foster parent of Inuit children. My husband and I have been fostering for 9 months I have had 11 babies all 2 and under come to us not to mention the ones I had to turn down because it was a full house. It is a very depressing situation for these children. I go to the store and see nemerous others with black eyes. I am very dishearted with the whole system. Youth protection is short staffed not enough programs to help the parents and children are sent back to the homes that they were taken out of before the problems that caused them to be removed are addressed . My first foster baby was 7 months when they brought her to us she was very sick I was scared she might not make it but she did get better she was terrified of strangers could not even take her to the store without her breaking down. Very few visits with the mother in the 8 months we had her. Court date coming up she made 5 visits for 3 hours and the Judge sent her back which shocked everyone including the youth protection workers. He gave her a new list of things to do and one month to do them. Where is the justice to these babies who will protect them?