The sticky-finger discount

Thieves in Quebec make off with $15,000 worth of maple syrup


It’s tasty, expensive and awfully hard to come by these days. Maybe that’s why people are stealing it. Last weekend, bandits made off with $15,000 worth of maple syrup from a producer in Lac-Brome, about 90 minutes southeast of Montreal. The nearly 1000-litre haul was the first of the season; police worry that the recession and the comparatively high price of maple syrup might make it a tempting target this year.


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The sticky-finger discount

  1. Is maple syrup all that liquid? I don’t know what thieves would do with maple syrup except open a waffle house.

    • Syrup can be sold for money. Money can be exchanged for goods and services!

      • It was a play on words. Syrup, being highly viscous, is not very ‘liquid’, while also being rather hard to sell on the black market. Just who will thieves sell 1000L of maple syrup to?

  2. You realize. of course, that this is exactly the scenario that most Americans imagine when they think of “organized crime in Canada.”

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