The Toughest Canada Day Quizzes Ever

You’ll need a couple tries to ace these tests


Check back soon for the full provincial breakdown of all the charts in our Province vs. Province Canada Day survey. In the meantime, test your knowledge with our Canada Day Quiz.



Canada vs. the world


The Toughest Canada Day Quizzes Ever

  1. This comment was deleted.

  2. I have taken part 1, but no part 2 is viewable. I presume the 'site' in question is too busy for quick response. I'll look for it in the next few days.

  3. Im not sure who these questions were for ? We Canadians are 'fiercely' loyal……..! however the questions posed were too' far and beyond' for the average citizen. Were these questions meant to make us feel foolish? Because I for one am not, and most of the people in my profession would find it difficult to answer these questions correctly. Please, try again Macleans.

  4. I just completed part 1, i am so embarassed only got 8 right and dam it i missed the Canadian cocktail, thought it may be a trick question and i answered Shirley Temple, silly me it is my fav….. Bloody Ceasar

  5. macleans–I take issue with your answer as to when Canada joined the G8. The correct answer was not included in the choices. Your "correct" answer of 1976 is the year that Canada joined the G7. When Russia joined the G7 in 1997, the G7 became the G8. Therefore, Canada (along with the other G7 nations) joined the G8 in 1997, not 1976 as you incorrectly stated. Given the correct answer was not an option, it certainly makes a very difficult quiz simply impossible!

  6. heh, wow, I got 25% score on that. Alot of the questions I found were very trivial though.

  7. Part 1, question 5, I could only find 8 Canadian-born Nobel Prize winners, where can I find the full list of winners?

    Part I, question 2, the province that consumes the LEAST amount of beer, I found that it was Manitoba and NOT B.C.

    Thanks you for your help,

  8. thankss for this