The trinity in Toronto’s Trinity Spadina


The Toronto riding of Trinity Spadina has a trinity of women running and one dude from the Green Party. They recently partook in CTV organized debate in the Moonbean coffee café in the heart of Kensington Market. (Left to right) NDP MP and incumbent Olivia Chow, Liberal candidate Christine Innes and Tory candidate Christine McGirr.


Chow with Green candidate Stephen LaFrenie


Supporters held signs outside the coffee shop.


Olivia Chow’s purse holder and campaign communications worker bee Paul Bretscher.


Bretscher with Chris Drew, Policy Director for Ontario Young Liberals.


Drew with his girlfriend Denise Lam, who works with Bob Rae.


Innes with Liberal youth movers and shakers: Jay Telegdi (left) and Brian Clow, who is VP Finance for the Young Liberals of Canada.


Clow and Bretcher share a non-partisan moment.

Later the Liberals had a get together on a bar patio. Calgary Grit blogger Dan Arnold (now in Toronto) was in attendance.


Ontario Young Liberal president Jacob Mksyartinian.


The Young Liberals handed out condoms that said: “Make Love, Not Conservative Governments.”

Innes brought her husband Tony Ianno, the former Liberal MP who lost to Chow in the last election.

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The trinity in Toronto’s Trinity Spadina

  1. Fascinating. Was the Tory Christine abandoned at birth, or does she indeed have a last name?

  2. Was there no Conservatives at this event?
    Thought you were going to hilite 2 women candidates for this riding.

  3. The Tory candidate is Christine McGirr. Sorry about losing her last name.

  4. Serious question:

    Why do the MSM in Canada always give priority according to the most recent election’s standings? (In this case Chow, Innes, McGirr and LaFrenie.) Why not Jeopardy-style–lowest to highest number of votes?

  5. Crack head squeegy people galore riding of Trinity Spadina.

    Lock everything in the trunk and watch out for the human feces in the parks.

    Brought to you by Multiculturalism’s divide and conquer strategy.

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