The ugly side of the beautiful game in Iran

Top Iranian soccer club suspends team officials after organizing first co-ed match in 30 years


A top Iranian soccer club has apologized and suspended three officials after allowing its female youth team and its men’s squad to play against each other. It was the first co-ed match between official teams in the 30 years since the Islamic Revolution. Iran’s ruling clerics forbid any physical contact between unrelated men and women, even in sport. The men’s team won, 7 – 0.

International Herald Tribune

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The ugly side of the beautiful game in Iran

  1. We need the media to start referring to Iran by its full and correct name: “Islamic Republic of Iran”. Yes, an ISLAMIC republic ruled by a bunch of nutbag religious morons who want to live in the 3rd Century. Perhaps the leftwing bleeding hearts would finally clue into the danger of the Islamic Republic of Iran if it was pounded into their soft brains that the country is run by raving fundy clerics and is not capable of peaceful dialog or peaceful relations.