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I continue to be fascinated by the Leafs slow-motion renovation project. This morning the Star provides the latest: Gretzky’s not coming. So cross another name off the list in this long process of elimination. Other names to forget about: Ken Holland, Scotty Bowman,

Bob (Don’t call me Bobby) Clarke, has reportedly expressed interest. So has Criag Patrick. They would both plausibly satisfy Richard Peddie’s promise to appoint “a proven winner.” Dave Nonis, does not. Nonis may be a very capable guy, but he has no track record of building a winning team.

I find the Craig Patrick thing most intriguing. He built the champion Penguins teams of the early 1990s, and did most of the drafting that assembled the current Pens team, that has all the earmarks of a potential mini-dynasty. But he’s rarely mentioned among the elite executives in the league. Would he satisfy the Toronto scribes who expect to see a big name get the job? Well, let’s see: 2 cups, 5 division chapionships and 11 playoff births in 16 seasons as GM, all working for a team that had severe financial troubles. Stack that up against Brian Burke’s record as a GM in Hartford, Vancouver and Anaheim…I’d give the edge to Patrick.


The Want Ads

  1. Agreed. Patrick, unlike the candidates, has the virtue of experience and credibility. He’s also functioned in trying ownership circumstances, though the Leafs’ circumstances are uniquely dysfunctional, as Maich chronicled in Maclean’s not so long ago.

    And Clarke? Wow. That would be amazingly comical. Bring it on, Peddie. Bring it on!

  2. I want Patrick as gm of the Leafs, pass this on to Richard Peddie.

    Well, let’s see: 2 cups, 5 division chapionships and 11 playoff births in 16 seasons as GM

  3. As a Penguins fan, I do NOT want to see Patrick as the GM of TML. Why? I don’t want more competition. As Patrick pointed out the other day in the Pgh papers, on EVEN footing, he is a hell of a GM. Unfortunately for Leafs fans, I am not sure Canada’s team will hire a US Hockey Icon; that’s just hockey and that’s just life.

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