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This should be good: A crowdsourced project to help people understand rap lyrics. Sort of like Yahoo answers, but for extremely square people. For example:

Top Gun shut down your Firm like Tom Cruise

Term from Song: Woo Ha!! on Album: The Coming by Artist: Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes is declaring that he’s the Top Gun (the best) which is the name of a Tom Cruise movie. He will then metaphorically “shut down your firm” (destroy you). The Firm was also a Tom Cruise movie, where he shut down a corrupt law firm.

Even better, if this lyric confuses you: 

better toss that yayo, keep your bankroll

You are in luck:

Term from Song: 1st of Tha Month on Album: E 1999 Eternal by Artist: Bone Thugs N Harmony

when you’re being chased by the police, take any cocaine you’re carrying out of your pocket and throw it into the bushes or elsewhere so you can get it later, but keep your money because you can’t get in trouble for having that.

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  1. Where ya been since your 7:08 am flame war?

    Your prolific output at all hours reminds me of a previous poster with multiple personalities. Is this called method acting? I’m bad when it comes to labelling.

  2. Wow.

    That’s got to be one of the funniest over reactions to a post in a while.

    Thank you for my morning smile to both Andrew and LAF.

  3. My apologies for what might be about to happen here. I just read the comments to a couple of other recent posts, and I fear I may have just inadvertently fed a troll.

    I shall now back away slowly…

    • One can be reasonably sure that it’ll all be over soon.

  4. Thanks to people like you, that other “money losing publication” the National Post might survive. But you will have to pay dearly for your daily dose of propaganda.

    Unless you are frugal, like say the one who uttered this line: “better toss that yayo, keep your bankroll.” If so, you can dumpster-dive for your news. Not beneath you, is it?


    Reluctant Capitalist

  5. Jarrid? Kody? Darryl? Is this what you are calling yourself now?

    I don’t know if Wayne/jwl/Jarrid/Kody/Darryl and now you, Liberal Are Fail, are the same person but you do share a single brain.

    It is not the idea that you are commenting from a conservative (or Conservative) perspective that is bothersome. Speaking personally I welcome intelligent arguments from different perspectives but “Ay, there’s the rub.”

    The problem I and, it seems, quite a few others have comes from your complete lack of intelligent arguemnt, your WTF non sequiturs, and your utter lack of wit.

    • Hey, Wayne and jwl don’t belong on that list…I may not agree with them most times, but they’re polite and respectful.

    • Mostly true John K. However during the election and with regard to certain individuals they could be beyond the pale.

    • Allow me to voice my agreement with John K. here. I think that’s entirely too broad of a tent you’ve pitched there.

    • Once again agreed LKO. Would only add that I am not calling for censorship or banning of anyone – not even LAF (except this time when Darryl made some completely vile comments directed at a female commenter).

    • Best thing is to treat LAF and his ilk as what they are…LAF-able. If you pick at a scab, it just starts bleeding again.

    • All agreed say, “Ay, there’s the rub.”

  6. No, the word ‘troll’ means someone, conservative or liberal, who is needlessly rude and deliberately obtuse.

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