The Will to Wind Power -

The Will to Wind Power


From Carleton University’s list of experts who can talk about climate change and the Copenhagen conference:

Fred Nitzsche
Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Head of the Rotorcraft Research Group
613-520-2600 ,ext. 5660
Expertise: Rotary wing technology (wind turbines).


The Will to Wind Power

  1. He seeks the ÜberRotor.

  2. I wonder if Mr Nitzsche rues the day his parents decided to call him Fred instead of John or just about any other name.

  3. If you were ordinary people I'd have bumped your rating up a notch for that one. I love jokes people don't get.

  4. "since the wind blows in my face,
    I sail with every wind.”

  5. That made me laugh. I also gave you thumb's down by mistake if you are wondering why someone found joke objectionable.

    • Maybe someone was offended, it is a highly controversial statement. Despite the fact that wind can only be perceived through it's effect on the world, and not directly, there are people who are positively religious in their insistence on their belief in the existence of wind.

      (Can I beat a metaphor to death or what!).

  6. Wind is dead.

    • Can anyone here photoshop a moustache onto Prof Nitzsche?

      • Is Fred Nitzsche friend or foe? I am assuming friend but you never know.

        • I believe he is Beyond Friend or Foe.

          • I believe he is his sister.