The worst yeast infection ever

Medication is becoming ineffective in treating ever-morphing yeast


The itching! The burning! Yeast infections, which most women eventually suffer, are about to get worse. Swedish researchers have identified an increasingly common phenomenon. The yeast is mutating into a version that is resistant to high doses of anti-fungal medication. It does this by reorganizing its chromosomes. In fact, through this process, the yeast can tolerate medication up to 10 times stronger than conventional treatment. The next step for these scientists: find a cure that works for good.

Science Daily

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The worst yeast infection ever

  1. Stories like this are just going to get more and more frequent. There is an ongoing arms race between our drugs and the pathogens that constantly adapt to them; its evolution at work for you skeptics. The more time pharmaceutical companies spend developing more profitable drugs like viagra and anti-depressants at the expense of antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs the more and more of these battles we are going to loose and are loosing. Why would any company spend colossal research budgets to develop treatments you only need to take for a short time, when drugs like the little blue pill can be sold for years and years.

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