The Yoo memos -

The Yoo memos


Brad DeLong wants answers about John Yoo:

In his memos, however, Yoo never mentioned Youngstown—either to distinguish it as sufficiently different that the decision does not control, or to argue that it was wrongly decided and should be overturned. This, the lawyers say, is compelling evidence that Yoo was acting not so much as a lawyer but as a political hatchet man.

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The Yoo memos

  1. Yoo's Bush-era writings support presidential powers so wide-ranging that the president can order the torture of captives regardless of what treaties the U.S. has signed or what laws the U.S. Congress has passed. Yet we are expected to accept that Yoo previously believed that the president's power as commander in chief is so puny and circumscribed that he cannot lawfully put American troops under the command of allies?

    I'm sure Yoo could write something to justify this. He can do anything.

    Legalism rivals deconstruction in its ability to create any reality or none at all.

  2. What I want to know about John Yoo is, why does he always have at least one scene of doves flying in slow motion in every one of his movies?