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“There is no coalition, period”

Michael Ignatieff rejects talk of pact with NDP, Bloc


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff categorically rejected the notion he’d formed a coalition with the NDP and the Bloc Québécois to defeat the Conservative government. “There is no coalition, period,” Ignatieff said. “What there is is a big red tent, a Liberal Party that is going to defeat this government at the next election. That’s what they’re actually afraid of, right?” Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet ministers have for weeks been repeating that the choice Canadians face in the next election is between a Conservative majority and a coalition. Last week, for instance, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty referred to the “Ignatieff-Bloc-NDP coalition” 14 times during a speech in Ottawa.

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“There is no coalition, period”

  1. Damn it! I was the last Liberal MP – the last Liberal MP – to sign that letter!! Do you hear me? The last one!!!

    • Lalalala – we can't hear you – Tories fingers in their ears…

  2. At this point, it's probably best for Ignatieff to never say the word "coalition" again (even if to deny its existence). The Conservative plan is to repeat the phrase "Ignatieff/NDP/Bloc coalition" as often as humanly possible between now and the eventual election day, and force the association between "Ignatieff" and "coalition" into the voters' minds, whether they want it there or not.

    It's attempting to take advantage of the human tendency to believe things we're told over and over and over again. Coalition coalition coalition coalition coalition.

    • Out There…..just like the Just Visiting ads where the punditocracy and the media chastized and ridiculed the Conservatives saying the ads would not work. Voila….all of the media say it did work and helped define Ignatieff.

      You are right Canadians are going to hear about the coalition before and during the election ad nauseum. The actions of Ignatieff and the Liberal party in the past have given credibility to that line of attack.

  3. In the past he's was doing the opposite of what he said, so if he says that there is no coalition, then there probably is. Right?

  4. Iggy should have stayed on the bus because no one in their right mind and of voting age is buying what he is selling – everyone knows that it all depends upon how the next election turns out and if it is for his benefit then there will indeed be a coalition – so he is not only shooting himself in the foot on this file he is using the other foot to reload with : – this is why according to the latest polls he is not electable as his political instincts are a pale imitation of Dion's let alone dream of ever being PM

    • Wayne……he has flip flopped on so many issues with the latest being the EI reforms being presented by the Bloc in the House today. Now he says the time has passed and it would be too expensive. However, if his party had been the government we would have had qualifcation of EI at 9 weeks. So there is a plethora of flip flops including on the coalition for the Conservatives to remind Canadians about.

      • "Flip-flopping" on ideas is different something being a good idea at the time, then, as situations change, it becomes a bad idea. Mayby Iggy is right, and we don't need EI reform now. Maybe we did need it a year ago. Who knows?

        My point being, I'd rather politicians judge and vote on policy given the current facts, rather than their past "ideological" stances.

        Disclosure: Not an Iggy supporter.

        • Ron……as a leader you have to look at what is in the best interest of the country. Legislation changing EI to reflect 9 weeks of work and increasing the benefit from 55% to 60% of employment income would have cost the country billions of dollars and encouraged people to remain on EI longer. The new law would have committed all taxpayers to fund this excess even after the recession was over and into perpetuity. We know once a law is passed it cannot be repealed easily.
          Harper did the right thing, He extended benefits for a period of time through regulation not through legislation. Ignatieff was trying to tap into the recession and steal the NDP thunder. It has back fired on him badly and today's explanation shows he is not fit to be PM.

          • And could have done more had the Libs not stole 60 billion of it. Had they not done that there would have been sufficiemnt balances to meet the requirement.

  5. There "is" no coalition. IS the operative word. As usual Ignatieff is trying to have it both ways. It won't work.

    Ignatieff can say no coalition as many times as he likes. The fact is his past actions are what are important. Remember he signed the Liberal coalition agreement. Remember I could have been the PM of a coalition but declined? Remember a coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition? Remember his press conference with Rae and LeBlanc supporting Dion for PM and saying a coalition was good for the country? He has had three or four positions on the coalition since he was appointed leader. Chretien didn't help when he publicly supported a merger with the NDP last Spring.

    So Ignatieff will not be able to dispel the coalition question despite the fact Wherry and the rest of the left wing media want it to go away. It will be front and centre in the next election. Every press conference Ignatieff has during the campaign the coalition question will come up. His actions speak louder than his feigned indignation. Canadians know the Liberals will say and do anything to regain power at all costs

  6. I am getting so tired of hearing the CPC drone on and on about the coalition. Today, Minister of Human Resources Dianne Finley mentioned the Bloc, the NDP and the Liberals when talking about the opposition to the government's plans for the EI system and then suddenly seemed to remember that she was supposed to using the "coalition" talking point and corrected herself by referring to the Opposition as "the coalition" later in the same sentence.

    This particular CPC talking point is almost as nauseating as the "He's just visiting Canada" talking point of a few months back. Give it up Mr. Harper.


    • Open_Democracy….you may be nauseated but we don't care. The Just Visiting ads worked and you know it. So don't worry. Be happy. You are going to hear lots about the coalition and Ignatieff is going to flip flop because he can't remember all the positions he has taken on the coalition.

  7. He might be correct, there may be no coalition, at this time.

  8. Ignatieff could have been the PM, He chose not to. Period.

    • Taylor Verrall….now you are pushing the Ignatieff propaganda. When the coalition was proposed Dion was leader of the Liberal party. In fact Ignatieff, Rae and LeBlanc held a press conference promoting Dion as PM and telling Canadians that the coalition was a good idea.
      If that is the case how was Ignatieff going to be PM. Do you think Dion would have given up the leader's position once PM? Do you think the Liberal party would have thrown Dion under the bus once he became PM.
      You , like Ignatieff are living in some Liberal la la land. Ignatieff will never become PM of Canada. You can take that to the bank.

  9. Has anybody noticed that while the Reform-Conservatives keep on talking about some sort of false deal with the socialists and separatists, Ignatieff is proposing effective Parliamentary reform. While the Conservatives talk about how rural people only care about the gun registry, Ignatieff is putting forward real ideas that will help Canadian Farmers and our rural economy. When Harper is busy scrapping the Department of Environment, Ignatieff is working on plans to lower Canada's GHG Emissions. While Flahrety talks about how the Liberals were tax and spend, the Conservatives not only increased taxes for Ontarians and British Columbians but he gave Canada the Biggest Deficit it has ever had and has made the Debt bigger than it has ever been. While the Conservatives have claimed to be "tough on crime" they have spent 10 Billion Dollars on new prisons for Imaginary Criminals and worked tirelessly to kill the single most important tool in the Police's Arsenal. Oh well I guess I'll give the Conservatives credit for one thing, I'm no longer afraid that the Long Form Census man is going to come and get me.

    • Lorne….instead of making baseless talking points you had better give examples. I thought and I believe the knock on Ignatieff is that he has no policies other than the ones he has in his hidden agenda. What real ideas for Farmers and rural economy? Where has Harper announced the scrapping of the dept of environment? Is Ignatieff working on a cap and trade plan? That will go over big just like his masterpiece of a Green Shaft. Prior Liberal administrations felt the HST was the way to go. Harper offered incentives but it was the provincial premiers who decided to implement it. Nice try though. Have you not read the studies that much of the problems within the penal institutions is because of overcrowding. While the new laws will provide a modest increase in the prison population overcrowding is a bigger issue. What's the matter you don't want the building of prisons to help create jobs and employ more people in the communities where they are located? If you think the gun registry is the most important weapon in the police arsenal then I have some palm trees in Sask. to sell you.

    • Lorne….hollinm continued

      When the opposition parties and the left leaning media are consumed with making a form voluntary versus mandatory I would say the country is running pretty well. Now what were those talking points again?

    • Nope. Haven't noticed. As for raising taxes in BC and Ontario, sales tax harmonization is a long time policy of both Liberals and Conservatives. And Harper had cut the GST by 2 points before pushing for harmonization. Iggy in fact voted for the necessary legislation in the house. Harmonization woudln't have passed otherwise.

  10. There is no coalition, period…. until there is.

    He's flip-flopped on this already. How is a sane person to believe it won't happen again?

    • Simple; he's had plenty of time and opportunity to put together his coalition again and turf Harper, had he wished to do so. While there is nothing unconstitutional about such a coalition, the backlash last time proved it would be political suicide. His career would last for exactly as long as he can hold the coalition together, as once parliament dissolved & the next election was called, the Libs would go the way of the Kim Campbell-led PCs.

  11. I could have sworn that the last time this issue formally reared its ugly head not too many months ago,

    Iggy put pen to paper and with his signature solomnly declared his support for a Lib, Bloc, NDP coalition.

    Ah well, it must have been my imagination.

    I mean, it's not as if Iggy's position would change depending on which way the political winds were blowing on any given day, or anything like that.


    Welcome to parliamentary democracy media and CPC. Get over this coalition business – it's part of how our damn system works!! If you want a system without coalitions, MOVE TO THE STATES!!!

    • That's why it makes perfect sense for the Conservatives to run against a coalition. If there may indeed be one, it doesn't really make sense to pretend there won't be. Therefore, they are framing the debate in terms of a choice between Conservative and Coaltion. Sounds pretty straight forward to me.

  13. Watch Iggy's eyes as he lies about the coalition. They glaze over for a mere split second on the word "IS".
    You could see his mind working. "Should I say IS or should I say WILL BE NO or should I say WELL MAYBE THERE WILL BE."
    A person just can't trust this dude. Like a fox searching for a hole in the chicken pen.

    • I don't think he's lying. He really didn't want to go along with it the firs time. Only his spine failed him. However, truth is relative to the moment in which it is told. It may be true rigth now that he is not planning a coalition. Just like it was true before the last election that Dion was not planning one. But things change in a hurry, and we've seen just how quickly the Liberals can change their minds about things like this.

  14. I am so sick of the politics of the Conservative(Republican) government. Harper wants to take Canada so far to the right, we won't recognize our Canada that we have always been so proud of. If anyone watches CNN, you see the Republican's acting the same as the Conservative's here. NO NO NO . Everything for the rich and no responsibility for those who own guns.
    I like seeing opposition parties stand up for the rights of Canadians. IT IS TIME. In using the term "Coalition" constantly, it shows the childishness of the Conrvatives and the lack of respect for countries who have coalition governments. I am not of the old school who votes blindly for one particular party. ( although I am older)
    I do believe that Ignatief and Layton want what is best for Canada. I cannot say the same for Harper who I believe has no heart

    • Sharon, what the hell does that mean "no responsibility for those who own guns." Even without a long-gun registry people who own guns have more rules and regulations to adhere to than anyone if that is what you are referring to. Many people take no responsibility for anything including their mouths, their actions, or their children but we don't see many registries for that, but we should. Iggy and Layton want nothing but some semblance of power regardless of what they need to do to achieve it. They both back peddle and contradict themselves time and again, not the traits a Country desires of its leader. Iggy proved his pettiness once again recently when Harper was trying to get a more prominent seat for Canada on the useless United Nations. What did Iggy do but take the opportunity to try and demean Harper for some cheap political gain on the home front. What he did instead was prove to me once again that he thinks it's all about him and that he is a petty, childish bottom feeder.

    • Iggy and Layton (and Harper and Duceppe for that matter) do not want what is best for Canada. They want what is best for their respective parties. End of story.

    • That was last June. Early June no less! Sure the Count has the right to change his mind over the summer?

  15. A corruption coalition led by Liberals would bankrupt the country at a time when the international economy is shaky. Crooked Liberals can only govern in good times when there's lots of money to steal, in these hard economic times it's a good thing we have responsible Conservatives running the show, Canada is doing better than all the other OECD countries, that's no accident, that's good governance. When will the Liberal party pay us back for all the money they stole by the way? eh Mr Ignatieff?

  16. "Iggy, the reporters are outside again asking about the coalition."

    "For Pete's sake…haven't I been clear enough on this? A coalition if necessary, but not necessarily a coalition! Why the hell can't people understand that?"

    "But Iggy…'coalition' is becoming a dirty word in Canada…remember what happened to us in the polls last time after we tried to form one?"

    "Alright, alright…don't mention the word coalition then…put it in other terms, at least until after the election results are in. Say we're considering a 'Big…ah…Meeting of…ah… Thinkers' or something to run the country."

    "But Iggy, we already used that line."

    "Ah…do I have to think of everything around here? What did Donolo say about it?"

    "I don't know Iggy, the last I heard from him he just wanted to make sure we didn't use "The Big Red Bus" tag for your BBQ circuit this summer…because Martha already used that in her leadership campaign."

    "Alright then…people have probably forgotten about Martha herself now, so let's use the "Big Red Bus" label again instead of 'coalition.'

    "But Iggy….what bus?"

    "BIG RED….RED….arghhh….BIG RED TENT" then!!!! That's it…from now on anybody who uses the word 'coalition' around here is going to be pressed into service as a riding candidate in Alberta….understand? Big Red Tent, Big Red Tent, Big Red Tent…."

    "OK Iggy…got it…uh…one last thing though…was that 'Big Red Tent if necessary, but not necessarily Big Red Tent….or just Big Red Tent?"

  17. Guess I should have used "masculine-bovine-Canadian poopy stuff" instead, eh admins? Oh well, that excercise of my "free speech" porbably would have anyeurismed both the Ziggy and Slick Billy kool-aid drinkers too easily anyhow.