“There was nothing strange about your daddy”


I kinda lost it when Michael Jackson’s daughter took to the mic to tell her father she loved him.

This was dynamite:

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“There was nothing strange about your daddy”

  1. I loved that statement made by Reverend Al Sharpton. What an impact it had on me. Michael Jackson's daughter's comment reduced me to tears.

  2. One error in the Reverand's stemwinder of a eulogy was that "We are the World" came out after BandAid's "Do They Know it's Christmas (Feed the World)." So yes, it was before LiveAid but in this case Michael wasn't ahead of his time.

  3. Sharpton was dead on from someone who was 12 in 78 and remember MJ from 69 onwards.

  4. whatever Sharpton's faults, the dude knows how to speechify but good!

  5. I guess if you repeat something enough times and raise your voice loud enough it makes for a good speech.

  6. His daughter's comments definitely made me tear up too. It would have been hard not to.